4 Thank you page optimisation

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We’ve been discussing options with a client on what to place on their “Thank You” page. Too many websites miss out on a great opportunity when it comes to success pages. Think of it this way, for a visitor on the website to reach a success page they’ve clearly bought into what you’re selling or giving away, you’ve got their attention, chances are they’ll happily do something else for you. This, along with the 404 page, are two of the most under utilised pages on most websites. Through discussions with our client we’ve come up with a few ideas.

Thank You Page Ideas

#1 Newsletter Subscription

Once a visitor has made a purchase, why not give them the opportunity to join a mailing list. We’re not talking about a generic mailing list, but a mailing list that will deliver them emails related to what they purchased. So if they purchased a specific type of product, let’s say an iPhone 6, add them to a list and when the iPhone 7 is released or perhaps a specific accessory for the iPhone 6 becomes available, send them a short email about this. The most important thing in our opinion is to keep everything related, don’t send generic emails to someone, send them something related to their past experience with your website.

#2 Purchase Share

This strategy is a bit more common, once a person has bought something, offer them the opportunity to share it on Facebook or Twitter for all their friends to see. After making a purchase, a person is usually happy and wants to tell his/her friends about the purchase. Make it easy for them to share the product they purchased, and perhaps throw in a competition saying that one person will receive 10% back on their purchase for sharing. Alternatively, tie in an affiliate program of sorts to sweeten the deal for the purchaser.

#3 Up Sell Something

We’re not the biggest fans of trying to up sell something to someone who has just made a purchase, but there are more delicate and less obtrusive ways to do this. Offer a person a coupon code for their next purchase, or point them to products they might like but don’t make it all about selling something further – we’ve found that this puts people off the brand. After all, we don’t all want to be sold to the whole time.

#4 Give Something Away

You’ve just made money off someone, why not turn the table and now give something away for free. Perhaps there’s a free application or eBook that you could give a person for purchasing something. Perhaps you run webinars and could offer a free ticket as a thank you. We’ve found that these gestures work really well and people appreciate a little something in return, and at the end of the day you’re building a loyal relationship so you’re getting something out of it as well.

There are hundreds of ideas and countless articles that have been written on this topic so if one of these 4 ideas isn’t ideal or doesn’t inspire you, spend some time reading up on them because it’s an opportunity missed if you aren’t making use of your Thank You page.