Mobile usage and uptake in the world

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Benedict Evans writes about strategic and operating issues of consumer technology, ecosystems and mobile platforms. He works at Andreessen Horowitz, a $4 billion venture capital firm in San Franciso. Benedict recently published a fantastic slideshare entitled, “Mobile is eating the world” in which he discusses various mobile insights. “There is no point drawing a distiction between the future of technology and the future of mobile. They are the same. In other words, technology is now outgrowing the tech industry”.

Mobile Growth 2020

The information and insight shared in this slideshow is quite remarkable, and anyone interested in technology should be looking through this. The slideshare discusses mobile uptake, mobile usage prediction, mobile growth against other technologies, mobile influence on the internet in general and that’s just the start!

A really excellent look at mobile usage, one cannot push mobile aside anymore, it is our future and we need to embrace it.