Web Development


We build websites a little differently to conventional ways. The conventional way is to receive a brief, produce designs and then build a website. Our approach involves our knowledge of marketing and making a website perform rather than just being a visual experience. We build marketing tools not pretty pictures because, at the end of the day, your website is a marketing tool that is meant to generate business.

It’s often the functionality of a website that determines its success. Design is how well something Web Development and Design should work hand in hand, each empowering the other.

We've been developing websites since 1995!

Correct development ensures not only that all features and functions work correctly but also that the website loads correctly on different devices, is search engine friendly and that the experience had by a customer/visitor is seamless and enjoyable. A good experience more than often leads to a customer who is interested in making a purchase or enquiring about a service.

With the speed at which the world wide web is evolving, cutting corners in development will leave a website behind. We don’t cut corners, in fact, we go the extra mile to ensure that once a website is developed that it stays relevant for a substantial amount of time. We also prescribe to the latest technologies, allowing us to produce websites that are a cut above the rest and incorporate the latest fancy functions available.

We follow a unique process that we’ve carefully perfected over the years. This process allows us to produce work that recognises how human beings interact on the Internet and provides them with a seamless experience. By doing so, visitors to your website are moved in the right direction, be it making an enquiry or performing a purchase – after all, your website is a marketing tool which means it needs to sell!

As a search engine specialist agency, all the websites we develop are launched with a search engine friendly foundation to ensure that Google and the other search engines are able to access your website quickly and easily - this gives your website an advantage over one which hasn't had any search engine optimisation attention.

Technical terms? Sure..

We're familiar with:

  • PHP, xHTML, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) including WordPress, Joomla and an assortment of others.
  • Server Set Up and Website Deployment.
  • Responsive Web Development.
  • Web Application Development.

WordPress? Of course!

We've been building WordPress websites since WordPress was launched and 80% of the websites we build run on WordPress. We understand the requirement for plugins and addons that aren't written by unknown authors and that may result in your WordPress website being hacked. We understand that training is crucial and we provide training manuals and in-person training when necessary.


Do you want us to build you an awesome website?