Google becomes Alphabet

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Google, the search giant has just announced a company restructuring. Larry and Sergey have announced that a parent company called Alphabet Inc will now be the holding company of Google. They have said that their best known businesses such as search, apps, YouTube and Android will remain under Google, however, some of their newer services such as Nest and their drone developments will now fall under Alphabet.

Their primary reason for this restructure is to create a simpler process of management. With all the company’s that they are involved in, the diversity is becoming too great and with the new structuring it will be easier to manage matters accordingly. With this announcement comes news that senior vice president Sundar Pichai will be becoming CEO of Google and Sergey will become to the president of Alphabet.

Google made this announcement on so if you’re interested it’s worth popping over there and having a good read. The information was also published on their Investor Relations page.

It’s going to be interesting to see whether this changes anything for users and partners, but from what we can tell it’s more of an internal management matter than a public situation.


This quite amusing, @alphabet (Twitter) is owned by someone and Google want it. Google also want, but BMW own the domain!

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