Acrobranch: Team Building Mission

By the Editor In iMod Digital 3 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, the iMod Digital team was invited to go along to Acrobranch Cape Town to experience their outdoor activity park. We accepted the invitation with open arms and waited patiently for the day to come. In typical Cape Town style, it was a beautiful day and the team was geared up to tackle the experience, but weren’t quite sure what they were in for.

Our last team building event was HintHunt, which was incredible so when the team arrived at the Acrobranch facilities they were excited to see another truly unique experience that awaited them. Remember Tarzan? Of course you do! Well, ever wanted to be Tarzan, then Acrobranch is for you. If the thought of swinging from tree top to tree top excites you then you’ll feel right at home. This is a truly unique forest adventure for everyone!

The whole experience was really awesome and we’d recommend it to any team wanting to have a great time – teams aside, get a group of friends together and enjoy an afternoon of excitement and laughter. There are a variety of obstacles to conquer, leaving a little something for everyone – go prepared with closed shoes, easy to move in clothes and if you’ve got long hair tie it up.

If you want more information on Acrobranch, be sure to visit their Facebook Page or Website.