5 Tips To Help You Move Office Without Tearing Your Hair Out

By the Editor In Office Life 2 Comments

iMod Digital has doubled in size recently and so we were desperate to get into a bigger office to have more room to play some football…errr….I mean work. Here is our take on how to move offices without tearing your hair out and avoiding World War 3 between staff members where someone goes all Wolverine and threatens someone’s children, pets or loved ones. Things got rough; we saw some dark things.

1. Telkom is useless

Yes, you all know this by now, but seriously, until you have had to move offices, you will never experience Telkom in all of its glory. There is nothing quite like the quality service that we have come to know and love from Telkom. Call them and confirm with at least 4 people that the price that they have given you is indeed correct and that you have booked the installation of your ADSL line well before your date of occupation so that you aren’t left stranded with no internet. Thanks Telkom. No seriously, speak to at least 4 people. At least.

2. D-day invasion – office style

When you move into an open plan office, make sure that when you move, you get your stuff in early and lay claim to the desk or space that you want. This is warfare and not even your boss is safe in the medevil carnage that is an office move. Get your stuff in early and stake your claim while your boss is tying up other lose ends. This is vital as this is where you will be sitting – don’t underestimate this very important and tactical moment – life or death here people. Think Game of Thrones.

3. Remember all the numbers/codes/secrets for world domination

This might seem pretty obvious, but when the entire team has entered in the token number for the prepaid electricity numerous times and it gets rejected every time, it is time to twig that you just spent a small fortune to power someone else’s new lights. This wasn’t one of our proudest moments, but I am sure the new tenants at the old office thought that Jesus was smiling down on them – “Let there be light!”.

4. Boring drag or creative zone?

Being in charge of office decoration and general kickassedness (I wish this was a real word), it is my duty to ensure that the office is filled with various forms of swag and awesomesauce. While this is a responsibility I hold dear and will carry out until my last dying breath, it was a proper pain in a certain area when it came to packing up the old office and settling into the new one. Those wicked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Facebook foam “like” thumb things that the whole office loves are not quite so fun when you have to spend the whole day packing them up and then sorting them out again once you have moved. Think very carefully when you decide on what swag to get for the office. Small and durable but fun is what you are looking for.

5. Game face

That favourite chair, mug or desk lamp that a colleague loves so much – nope, no one has seen it since we moved…;) You just better hope that your boss doesn’t hold it against you the next time you go and ask for a raise…

What tips do you have for an office move? Share your genius with us and maybe we will actually write a serious post to help the other poor souls who just went through what we did. It is a traumatizing experience if you aren’t prepared – good thing we just have a good sense of humour and did it on a Friday so #SubdayFriday made it alright as we rolled on the floor sucking our thumb.