Look Who Got Busy With The Fizzy!

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A while back you might have remembered that the ran a ferosiously contested competition to win a sexy Sodastream with the new design. Let’s just say that things got hot and the battle was feirce, but the war was eventually won by Vicki.

Vicki has kindly sent us some pictures of her posing with her spoils of war and they are fantastic!

vicki-imod-digital-sodasteam-winner vicki-imod-digital-sodasteam-winner-fun

Vicki getting busy with the fuzzy and setting the bubbles free! #Selfie

We love making you wonderful people happy, and it makes us glow when we get the opportunity to see pictures like this one as well as ones like Cheryl’s, who was our winner of the Bottleshop.co.za Craft Beer Competition.

P.S – Don’t forget about our current competition running where you can win one of two R500 vouchers from Coverconcepts.co.za – go enter on Facebook!

I really wish I could enter all of these competitions, but I think you lot might catch onto me if I suddenly started winning everything…