Yes, Google+ is very active, here's proof!

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I recently published a post on Memeburn about Google+ and how it could get you more business than Facebook and Twitter. The post has been incredibly well accepted and there’s a level of “the proof is in the pudding” when you look at the share statistics for the post:

Screenshot of Social Shares That’s quite an incredible response to the article if you ask me and the best part is that the share results somewhat justify how active Google+ really is. At the time of the article I wondered to myself what would happen in terms of the shares and was secretly hoping over the last few days that the outcome would be hugely favourable towards Google+ for obvious reason.

The article discussed 5 ways that Google+ could assist your business:

  1. Gain Backlinks
  2. Meta Data control
  3. Speedy Page Indexation
  4. Easy Author Markup
  5. Content Linking

There is a great under appreciation of Google+ here in South Africa (and many other countries) and I believe that this is going to slowly change as business owners start to see the value. I hope that this article has assisted in the process of creating awareness.

And if all of that wasn’t exciting enough, someone who is a huge inspiration, Guy Kawasaki shared the article:


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If you’re using Google+ effectively for your business, please let us know in the comments below!