Google Analytics: Keyword insight through landing pages

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Continuing with the series of SEO blog posts by our Director, Christopher Mills, today we’re looking at something that will teach you more about which keywords are performing for you.


A couple of weeks ago, I spoke about finding out which keywords were bringing business to your website and today I want to touch on a similar topic that will assist you in determining which keywords are performing well for you.

The first thing you want to do is fire up Excel and create a column for the landing pages on your website and a second column for the keywords that you are optimising for each landing page.

The next step is to open up your Google Analytics account and navigate to Landing Pages, which can be found under Site Content, which is under Content on the left. This report gives you a list of the landing pages on your website ordered by the number of visits received.

Finally, we want to take the list of landing pages and keywords, and link it up to the list of landing pages and the visitor counts. What we’re doing here is determining which landing pages are getting the most visits and in turn, taking a look at which keywords are potentially bringing the most traffic.

Your spreadsheet will look like this when you’re finished:

Landing Page Keywords

Bonus: If you create multiple columns in the spreadsheet to track month to month data, you could create a useful graph that maps out the traffic trends of the various landing pages, and that would give you further insight into which keywords are performing the best.

Because the “(not provided)” count is getting greater and greater, learning how to access useful information about your keywords is becoming more critical than ever.