New staffer: James MacDonald

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We’d like to make a little announcement. We have a new staff member! He actually started working with us a few weeks ago, so this post is a bit delayed (Sorry James), but better late than never. What’s James going to be doing here with us? Quite simple. He’s going to be taking up the position of ‘Head of Inbound Marketing‘.

We’ve been extremely busy getting James settled in and setup to help him achieve his goals of world domination and meme fame that we completely forgot to introduce him to you.

A little bit about the man behind the keyboard:

James is a hybrid lover of both geekdom and sports (a rare breed). Hockey is his sport of choice but right now he’s nursing a long term ankle injury. He absolutely loves music and lives with headphones on as he dives deep into the www. He has a serious passion for all things digital, tech and SEO and loves to follow the start-up scene. He is similar to Christopher in that he behaved like a 12 year old girl when he got the oppurtunity to meet Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz. While he loves good food, his kitchen competency doesn’t stretch much past making a mean slice of toast.

We’d like to officially welcome James aboard and we’re thrilled to have lured him over to our agency.