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140 character limit for Twitter removed..

.. for direct messages that is.

Yesterday we were discussing some social media matters and it became clear that not everyone was aware that Twitter had lifted their 140 character limitation for Direct Messages (DM). The official announcement was made about 2 weeks ago, but you’ve been able to send longer messages for about a month.

Although Twitter is a public facing experience, there’s no doubt that a great deal of direct messages get sent. Public tweets spark conversation which are often taken “behind the scenes” and Twitter want people to be able to have a meaningful unlimited discussion rather than short bursts of text. These announcements come alongside other changes as well as group messages and the mobile video camera functionality.

Does this change anything with public tweeting? No.

This isn’t going to affect too many people, but when it comes to brands communicating with individuals, we do look forward to being able to write grammatically correct sentences and not have to short hand the text as if we’re high school kids!

Let us know how you’re using this change to your advantage..