4 Thank you page optimisation

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We’ve been discussing options with a client on what to place on their “Thank You” page. Too many websites miss out on a great opportunity when it comes to success pages. Think of it this way, for a visitor on the website to reach a success page they’ve clearly bought into what you’re selling or […]

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eCommerce solutions for WordPress

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When it comes to adding eCommerce to your website as a WordPress user, you might find yourself a little paralysed by choice. There are many options available and not too many resources that can truly point out which is best. At iMod Digital we use WooCommerce by the WooThemes team and have had great success. […]

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Friday Findings: HTTPS and much much more!

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Another week has drawn to an end so it’s time to look at what’s been happening in the world of inbound marketing. Interestingly, there has been a great deal happening so we’ve tried to carefully select a few articles that we feel you’ll enjoy. One of the biggest announcements this week is that Google will […]

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E-Commerce in South Africa

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E-commerce has been bubbling for several years in South Africa and the committed early adopters who have done things properly have certainly made a huge success out of it. Most of these adopters are larger companies who were able to get through the limitations of online transacting faced in South Africa. The playing fields have […]

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