Friday Findings: Popular or hand picked?

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In this week’s Friday Findings we’ve split things up into two sections. The first three articles are chosen based on how many times they’ve been shared on the Internet and the next set of links are hand picked by us like we usually do. See, we want to determine which sorts of links you all enjoy and what format suits you best so please bare with us whilst we do some testing.

Here are the highly shared links:

  1. Why is Google restructuring?
  2. Is Online Marketing gender diverse?
  3. Does a startup really need a .com?

The following links are hand picked:

  1. Google’s secret interview process.
  2. Which SEO toolbars are you using and why?
  3. Get more people to take action on your product page!
  4. Using Periscope for your business.
  5. Effectively publishing on LinkedIn.
  6. The robots.txt low down.
  7. Increasing leads in a niche industry.

We hope you enjoy all the articles and look forward to seeing which ones!

Target Partners With Lucasfilm to Collect Star Wars Fan Memories

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Categories: Thunder Thursday

Star Wars has been passed down from generation to generation since 1977 and therefore it is of no surprise that it has roughly 147 million fans worldwide. The release of the new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in December has caused a surge of hype within the Star Wars community, with new trailers, TV commercials, as well as plot and set leaks emerging on a nearly-daily basis.

If you though it was bad now just wait for Force Friday, where at midnight on September 4th a mass unveiling of merchandise for the new movie will take place. Target are set to open 207 stores at midnight for this mass unveiling. In addition to Force Friday, Target has created Share The Force.

star wars partner with target to Share The Force

Share The Force is an interactive website that is dedicated to the collection of memories from Star Wars lovers all over the world. All memories will be stored in vast 3D virtual environments or “galaxies” that anyone can navigate around. Each “galaxy” will be named after Star Wars characters such as the Boba Fett galaxy, the Han Solo galaxy and even the Darth Vader galaxy.

Memories can be submitted in the form of photo or video and can be uploaded to the site via Facebook or Instagram. Once a memory has been uploaded the user will receive a unique set of “galactic” coordinates that tells them where their memory is housed. Celebrities such as Minka Kelly, Chris Hardwick, and Bobby Moynihan have submitted memories of their own already.

Rick Gomez, Senior VP of Marketing at Target said “We know the world is waiting for the theatrical release of the new Star Wars film and we wanted to find a way to start the conversation through shared memories of the epic movie franchise. We are excited to see how the interactive and sharable nature of the digital memory collection grows and expands in the months to come.”

140 character limit for Twitter removed..

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Categories: Social Media and Teaching Tuesday

.. for direct messages that is.

Yesterday we were discussing some social media matters and it became clear that not everyone was aware that Twitter had lifted their 140 character limitation for Direct Messages (DM). The official announcement was made about 2 weeks ago, but you’ve been able to send longer messages for about a month.

Although Twitter is a public facing experience, there’s no doubt that a great deal of direct messages get sent. Public tweets spark conversation which are often taken “behind the scenes” and Twitter want people to be able to have a meaningful unlimited discussion rather than short bursts of text. These announcements come alongside other changes as well as group messages and the mobile video camera functionality.

Does this change anything with public tweeting? No.

This isn’t going to affect too many people, but when it comes to brands communicating with individuals, we do look forward to being able to write grammatically correct sentences and not have to short hand the text as if we’re high school kids!

Let us know how you’re using this change to your advantage..

Monty Python & The Holy Grail & Game Of Thrones Mashup

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Categories: Meme Monday

Glorious, glorious, messed up humour of the internet. Oh how lovely thine is. Take a look at the below mashup using quotes from the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, placed on images from “Game of Thrones”. Sweet Nebula these are fantastic, and someone seem to fit perfectly with Game of Thrones as well!


Absolute gold!

Friday Findings: Search and SEO

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Friday’s here and it’s time for us to have a look at what’s been happening in the world of inbound marketing. Grab something to drink because you’ll be here for a while reading these treats!

[SEO] A massive topic discussed extensively on Twitter over the past couple of weeks is the impact of changing your domain from http to https. Case studies and opinions have flown around showing the damaging effects that it has caused some people. The SEM Post has compiled a great write up on the topic that shows that the negative effects shouldn’t last long than 1 – 2 weeks.

[Productivity] People try to hide their email address online, but truth be told .. this is quite a big task. We’ve come across an interesting blog post that shows you how to go about tracking down someone’s email address. It includes tips, tactics, tools and a whole bunch more. Learn how here.

[Search] It’s incredibly interesting to see that Google are starting to integrate Twitter more so than they ever have. In the screenshot below you can see just how important a Twitter account is going to become!

[SEO] We’re firing across a lot of SEO and search posts this week because that’s where the news has been at. Another fantastic article has been published about local SEO. This article explores where users are clicking when they perform a search in Google and how you can go about getting those clicks for your website. It’s a long read but a really great one.

[Startup] Interested in how (a startup) increased their onboarding by 461% without a budget? Dan Slagen, who works at, has put together a detailed article showing exactly how they did it. If you run or work at a startup, this is an article you definitely want to have a read over.

[SEO] There is so much information on the Internet about SEO and other digital marketing channels, but some people just prefer a good old book. We’ve tracked down a post that covers 10 SEO books and gives you a little insight into each one. So if you want to do some learning, this article’s waiting for you.

[Search] With Google integrating Twitter more and more, it’s no doubt that the Social Media Examiner has published a blog post on how to go about optimising your tweets – good on them! You can read it here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

SeeLight Aims To Help The Blind “See” Traffic Lights

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We often neglect the small things in life, like how lucky we are to be able to see when a traffic light turns red and thus know it is not safe to cross. Unfortunately not everyone has this luxury and for blind or visually impaired people crossing streets has become an extremely daunting task as cities have gotten busier and traffic on the roads has increased.

With only 10% of traffic lights around the world being equipped with audible signals or tactile paving and none of them having a GPS tag, we can easily see why crossing the street for the blind is difficult. Therefore Russian digital agency Hungry Boys, with the help of All Russian Association of the Blind (VOS) decided to help solve the issue of orientation and navigation of the street for the visually impaired by creating SeeLight.

SeeLight help the blind see traffic lights

SeeLight is separated into 2 separate versions a general one and one specifically designed for the visually impaired user.

seelight and seelight blind for the visually impaired

Version 1: SeeLight

This is an open API (application programming interface) that is available for the public and authorities to access. It allows individuals to share data on traffic lights all around the world. The application asks you to input information on the traffic lights location, length the traffic light is red as well as whether or not is equipped with tactile paving (textured ground surfaces) or audible signals.

Version 2: SeeLight Blind

This version helps the visually impaired by sending them audio prompts and vibrations that will help them to cross the road safely.  The app identifies the direction and determines the distance to the nearest pedestrian crossing and then notifies the user.

Vlad Sitnikov, creative director of Hungry Boys says ”We’ve already received lots of positive feedback from people, but we need more lights to be mapped, that is our only problem, and one that can be improved upon on a daily basis. Each day, every day we want our map to grow and grow.”

To help keep this project improving an Indiegogo campaign has been set up. This is necessary as technical and social support will be needed for at least a year.

The first version of the app is available for download for IOS users on iTunes. If you are an Android user no need to stress as a version for Android is planned.

Announcing: Google AdWords Report Editor

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Categories: PPC and Teaching Tuesday

For those of you who run PPC campaigns you’ll be really pleased to hear that Google are launching a new report editing tool. This tool is going to help with the analysis of data in a brand new way. They’re calling it Report Editor.

The best part about the editor is that it comes with a really simple interface that allows you to create tables and charts, with segmentation, filtering and sorting. There are some great features that are coming with the Editor:

  1. Drag and Drop
  2. Sort, Filter and Pivot
  3. Pie, Bar and Line Charts
  4. Multiple Segments
Here are two animations that will gently introduce you to what the Editor is going to be like to use:

Google are in the process of rolling this new Editor out to Google AdWords users and has stated that you’ll know when you have it because there will be a Reports Tab in your account so keep your eyes open for that. If you’re interested in learning more, Google has supplied a great guide.

Meme Monday: What Font Do Memes Use?

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Have you ever wondered what makes a meme so recognizable instantly? There are numerous images or snapshots that are instantly recognizable, and straight away you realize that there is a level of humour behind the image.

How does that magic happen? Well simply, it is down to the consistent font used across all of our lovely memes that bring us so much joy.

Recently Vox traced the history of the font and it looks like it was first used in 1965 Geoff Lee, who I shall name the father of the Meme. Ok, maybe that is a bit drastic since we first designed the font using hand-cut metal.  Impact became one of the “core fonts for the web” when Microsoft licensed it from Monotype, in a standard font pack that would work across the Internet. Since then, ‘Impact’ has become the default font for the meme, existing on computers across the web. So much so that we expect memes to look a certain way, with the font being an important element.

Yes Suzelle – it is.

Friday Findings: Weekly Roundup

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Another week has passed and it’s time for the weekend – here are some really interesting and insightful articles to have a read over whilst you’re kicking back on the couch with your tablet this weekend.

[SEO] For anyone producing video content, it’s important to understand how to best publish it online to reap the benefits of optimisation. This guide details how you should go about doing this.

[SEO] Local SEO is getting more and more important as the days go by and Google are chopping and changing things continually. The Google 7-Pack appears to have been removed and replaced with just a 3-Pack now. Read more about this if you’re interested in your local rankings.

[Social] There have been a lot of articles published about Google+ over the past few weeks due to all the changes happening. Google have had a hard time and this article delves into the early vision, what has emerged and what Google’s new direction will be.

[AdWords] We’re incredibly firm believers in using Google AdWords to quickly and easily determine search intent. Running a small campaign to gain insights is one of the best ways to determine what people are looking for and which keywords convert. This knowledge may then be used to assist with SEO – PPC Hero have published an article on this exact topic.

[Speakers] A new Google Document is going around that is aggregating a list of women speakers from around the world. If you’re a women who gives talks, you’re able to add your name to this list. An initiative by Sandi MacPherson.

[Search] This is an in depth and deep article around the psychology of searchers, “Going beyond search intent to unlocking user psychology during that split moment of a search”.

[Hiring] Looking to hire someone or are you someone looking to be hired? These 24 questions are definitely worth having a good read over if you answered yes to either of the questions preceding this sentence.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Google becomes Alphabet

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Google, the search giant has just announced a company restructuring. Larry and Sergey have announced that a parent company called Alphabet Inc will now be the holding company of Google. They have said that their best known businesses such as search, apps, YouTube and Android will remain under Google, however, some of their newer services such as Nest and their drone developments will now fall under Alphabet.

Their primary reason for this restructure is to create a simpler process of management. With all the company’s that they are involved in, the diversity is becoming too great and with the new structuring it will be easier to manage matters accordingly. With this announcement comes news that senior vice president Sundar Pichai will be becoming CEO of Google and Sergey will become to the president of Alphabet.

Google made this announcement on so if you’re interested it’s worth popping over there and having a good read. The information was also published on their Investor Relations page.

It’s going to be interesting to see whether this changes anything for users and partners, but from what we can tell it’s more of an internal management matter than a public situation.


This quite amusing, @alphabet (Twitter) is owned by someone and Google want it. Google also want, but BMW own the domain!

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