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When it comes to adding eCommerce to your website as a WordPress user, you might find yourself a little paralysed by choice. There are many options available and not too many resources that can truly point out which is best. At iMod Digital we use WooCommerce by the WooThemes team and have had great success. In this post we’re going to look at 5 different options and some information around them. There are plenty of reviews on the internet, so we will only be looking at them briefly and hope that you’ll go on to do some independent resource yourself.

In no particular order:


WooThemes created WooCommerce and WooThemes was acquired by Automatic (WordPress themselves). That’s quite a large motivation factor to go with WooCommerce don’t you think? The plugin installs easily, it’s free and it caters for a large number of payment gateways which you can see here. WooCommerce also has a large number of additional plugins that work well with WooCommerce, our only word of warning is to do some research as the plugins are quite pricy. Themes that work well with WooCommerce are also really great and there are many options.

WP eCommerce Plugin

If we’re not mistaken, WP eCommerce Plugin came before WooCommerce and is a feature rich plugin with hundreds of features. When it comes to plugins like this, there is a free version but you really should go for the paid version which is $100. WP eCommerce Plugin has a lot of extensions and caters for many different payment gateways too. The plugins aren’t cheap so just like WooCommerce, do your research before getting into an expensive position.

Shopp Plugin

This is another good plugin that has a good following. As a premium plugin, Shopp is free for personal use without support, but if you want to use it for commercial purposes you’ll need to look at their single site license of $75 and then for a full developer license you’re looking at $299. The plugin is quite feature rich and there are some good features around email notifications, shipping rates and the likes – not really things that the other plugins don’t have, but it’s good to know that they are included. The plugin caters for a large number of payment gateways as well and there is a decent addon library.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you want to sell digital goods rather than physical goods, it’s sometimes over kill to use some of the other plugins mentioned here. Easy Digital Downloads was created specifically for digital goods and this light-weight plugin makes it easy through it’s simple set up. There are a lot of addons, it’s free and if you really want to see how it works you can view their demo.

Market Press

Market Press was created by the folks at WPMU DEV, which is a great starting place as these guys are true WordPress professionals. With Market Press you can sell both digital and physical goods, but their real selling point is that it works with WordPress Multi-Site (as you could have guessed). The plugin costs $19/month unfortunately, we prefer once off payments but it’s a good resource and one worth considering.

At the end of the day, there are many different options but it really does depend on what you want to achieve. The very best thing you can do when deciding to go the eCommerce route is to determine what you require and then familiarise yourself with what the various eCommerce plugins have to offer. You want to avoid a situation where you get 90% of the way only to realise that the plugin you’re using doesn’t cater for something important. People are quick to leave shipping and the likes all the way to the end of the installation and it’s these critical inclusions that change across the plugins.

Good luck!

Donald Trump Cats

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Donald Trump has some of the best hair around. This isn’t opinion, this is just one of those worldly facts that everyone knows – duh!

Since his hair looks so good, it seems cats are trying to look equally as stylish in the hope that they become a fashion icon of meow.


Poor kitties

Friday Findings: Lots to read!

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Another week might be drawing to a close, but the news keeps rolling in and we’ve got a lot of really great articles for you to read over the weekend!

[SEO] Google Panda 4.2 has finally arrived after 10 months of speculation! This update is going to be a massive update for people who were previously penalised and for those who have been taking risks, this might be a good time to make sure you haven’t done anything too risky.

[eCommerce] If you’ve got an eCommerce website or are responsible for one, then you’ll know how important the correct Google Analytics set up is. In this article, the author discusses 8 things you need to take into account.

[SEO] PR and SEO often bang heads for many reasons, but those who learn to combine the two together correctly come out on top. Gini Dietrich is the person behind Spin Sucks, she was interviewed on Success Works if you’re interested.

[Content Marketing] A really great article was written by Sam Raife which looks at a clever bit of marketing behind a tool that measures content marketing. It’s an article worth saving and having a read of.

[News] Google wants to index your real-world experiences and make them searchable.. forget about forgetting.

[Blogging] For years and years there has always been a debate around quantity or quality when it comes to blogging. We’re in luck, a 6-month study has been published that explores just this topic and shares a lot of insight to boot.

[Search] Ever needed to search in another country? There are ways but it can be a bit of a nightmare. This tool, helps us perform international searches.

That’s 7 fresh and insightful articles so we’ll leave it there and wish you an awesome weekend!

The Automotive Industry Is Taking Advertising to the Next Level

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Over the past few months we have slowly started to notice the rise in car adverts, like every other industry, automobile manufacturers rely heavily on their marketing efforts but somewhere along the line car adverts took a huge leap forward and progressed from just purely advertising cars to advertising the lifestyles and experiences that are associated with the car you drive. For example in the advert below Land Rover aren’t focusing solely on marketing the new features, they are also marketing peoples adventures that take place within the Land Rover.

Land Rover isn’t the only car company to release a truly unique piece of advertising content. Volkswagen recently released a campaign that allows you to create a film with your voice and Toyota has taken car safety to the next level by creating a radio advert that turns off your phone while you are diving.

We weren’t at all surprised to see car companies push their marketing efforts in an attempt to combat the unevenness of vehicle sales that spreads throughout the global market. As this unevenness, and ultimately the decline in sales, is causing intense competition amongst car manufactures and is thus encouraging car companies to up their marketing games in order to help encourage car sales. According to NAAMSA (National Association of Automobile Manufacturers South Africa) new car sales in June 2015 had registered the largest year to date monthly decline in 2015.

But does all this marketing really make you want to go out and buy the new Land Rover or Volkswagen? And in a couple of years, read as weeks, days or even minute’s time will you even remember half of these campaigns? We’d love to know your thoughts!

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress gets an update

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It’s an exciting day today because the most popular WordPress plugin for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been updated and it’s a major release.  With over 1 million active installs of the plugin, you can imagine just how many people are frantically upgrading to make use of these new features. We’re going to walk you through the three major feature releases. Apart from these, you’ll also notice that the plugin is now called Yoast SEO and no longer WordPress SEO by Yoast.

1. Google Search Console Integration.

By now you’ll have noticed that Google Webmaster Tools are now known as Google Search Console. A feature which used to be only part of the premium version of the plugin has now been updated to work in the free version. With this recent change from Google, the plugin is now further integrated with Google Search Console and it’s worth looking at what’s available.

2. Optimise Blog Posts Further.

The plugin now shows you a list of all your posts that have been published and ranks them in order of their success in terms of SEO. Of course, this isn’t bullet proof but it’s a really great way to spot some areas that you could enhance and further optimise.

3. Breadcrumbs in the Customizer.

For themes that support the plugin’s breadcrumb features, you’ll be pleased to know that a panel will be added to the Customizer so that you can customise them.

Apart from these three major updates, there are a ton of smaller fixes and you really do need to upgrade and click around to understand the full extent of Yoast SEO 2.3.

Let us know what you like the most!

Meme Monday: Mick Vs The Shark

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This past weekend at the J Bay Open, an international surfing competition, Mick Fanning came very close to a shark. By very close, we mean, the champ had to punch it a few times to get away. Fortunately Mick was unharmed, but clearly a bit emotional afterwards. Watch the interview he gave below.

However, there are always two sides to the story, and while we realize this is a very serious moment, we can still look at the fun side fortunately. Here is the shark’s take on things.

Friday Findings: The 2015 Mozcon Slidedecks

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This week we’re looking at something a bit different to the norm. Mozcon has been taking place and the various speakers have been publishing their presentation decks. So we’ve tracked down the decks to share with you:

Dr Pete Myers – Surviving Google: SEO in 2020

Wil Reynolds – The Time To Do The Web Right Is Incredibly Short

Adrian Vender – Tracking Beyond The Pageview:

Ruth Burr Reedy – Get Hired To Do SEO

Dana Ditomaso – How To Make Your Marketing Match Your Reality

Cindy Krum – Become A Mobile SEO Superhero

Cara Harshman – Online Personalisation That Actually Works

Rand Fishkin – Onsite SEO in 2015: An Elegant Weapon For A More Civilised Marketer

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

Turkish Airlines Launches First Ever Live Streamed Flight

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Turkish Airlines has recently jumped on board with the idea of using Periscope to promote their business, with Periscope and Meerkat taking over the live video streaming industry and allowing users to continuously broadcast the events that take place in their lives, we were not at all surprised to see the idea being used as a marketing method. Turkish Airlines however have taken a simple idea and created a truly unique campaign. By acknowledging the idea that people are interested in finding out what happens behind the scenes of a flight, they were able to come up with the idea of creating the first ever live broadcast of a flight. The flight was traveling from Istanbul to New York.

Turkish Airlines live flight broadcast

The stream allowed you to get a feel of what it would be like being on board a Turkish Airlines flight and it allowed you to see behind the scenes footage of the flight. Periscope allowed viewers to see the crew cabins, flight lounges, pre-flight checks, inflight service and so much more.

So if you are trying to increase engagement by promoting your brand through Periscope or Meerkat then this video will definitely help teach you a thing or two before you get started.

In the end the campaign saw 292 779 total likes and 5118 new followers.


Google Analytics spam referral fix coming soon!

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For those of you who make use of Google Analytics on a regular basis, you’ll have more than likely stumbled across all the complaints about referral spam. This referral spam is damaging the integrity of statistics in our reports and although some fixes have been publish, it’s really something Google needs to address. And guess what, that’s exactly what Google will be doing.

Mozcon is well underway and during a talk by Adam Singer from Google Analytics, he has confirmed that they’ve identified the problem and are now going to work on a solution. This is really exciting and although we’ve put measures in place already to ensure that we deliver reports with accurate numbers, it will be good to have a proper solution that is permanent in Google Analytics.

What we enjoyed hearing the most is that the solution they implement will ensure that all future referral spam is excluded from traffic, so this isn’t a retro-fitting solution, it’s a proper forward thinking one.

Gary Kirsten Appoints iMod Digital

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iMod Digital is pleased to announce that Gary Kirsten has appointed us to handle his strategic Digital Marketing needs.

Gary Kirsten’s team approached iMod Digital and asked us to pitch our services on how we would handle his Digital Marketing in terms of strategy going forward.


Christopher Mills, Founder of iMod Digital, said he was excited to land the contract to a company tied to such a well-respected, and world-renowned cricket player. “Firstly it is fantastic to be approached by a company with a name that I think every person in the country can recognize, sports playing or not, and ask to be pitched. Every household in South Africa is familiar with the name Gary Kirsten so it is a real privilege to be working with his team and we are looking forward to helping further grow Gary Kirsten’s brand through digital channels. We have one staff member who is particularly fanatical about cricket, so he is dying to get started already!”

iMod Digital welcomes Gary Kirsten to our stable of clients which includes the likes of Cellucity and The Foschini Group. We are thrilled to be in partnership with him as we look to help extend the reach that his foundation has, as well as grow the cricket academy to help mold the cricket stars of tomorrow.

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