Friday Findings: AdWords incorporating Local Reviews

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We’ve got quite a good selection of articles this week, covering some of the really popular topics over the past week. Each week we spend a lot of time curating these posts, but this week we feel that the content is extra useful – we hope you do too!

[AdWords] Google have announced that they will now be adding Google Local reviews to Google AdWords adverts that are making use of Local Extensions. You can see this in the image below and if you want to get into more detail have a read of Mike Blumentha’s blog post.

[Marketing] It’s important to look at marketing from many angles, one such angle being age. If you’re stuck looking at marketing within your world only you could be missing out on massive opportunity. The youth of today look at marketing differently to those who are in their 30′s and those who are in their 50′s. A recent article was published which coves 22 marketers under the age 22 and what got them started.

[SEO] A new website has surfaced which assists people in knowing what they need to do in order for their local business to appear well in the search results. This is one of those website’s you bookmark and refer back to many times!

[Onboarding] If you haven’t heard about User Onboarding, then you’ll have scored today finding it. User Onboarding is a website that looks at how was brands are acquiring new users to their software releases. User Onboarding is covering how Apple is onboarding their users for their new Music service that was just launched.

[Search] Quite an interesting story surfaced this month that has prompted Yahoo! to state that they are using Google’s search results. Yahoo! previously depended on Bing’s search results, but this is now changing from what we can see. Read more about what’s happening over here.

[Social] It is with no doubt that Instagram is becoming more and more popular, recent stats show that it’s growth is enormous. But what about using Instagram as a method to drive business? Brands are going to be exploring this and so should you. Here are 5 ways to do so.

[Sales] Are you in a position where your prospects aren’t buying from you? Do you know how to go about fixing this and increasing your sales? If not, here’s a great article that takes a shot at this exact topic.

[SEO] Have you ever wondered how you go about determining the market potential for an industry? In other words, you want to know what the potential is for a new website or asset based on the keywords that you feel people will be searching for. Moz’s recent Whiteboard Friday covers this exact topic.

We hope that you find these articles interesting and wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Our Favourite Winners From The Cannes Lions Festival 2015

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The 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity took place between the 21st and the 27th of June. The Cannes Lions aims to inspire creative bravery that will changes the course of communication. The awards are separated into 16 different categories that cover everything from traditional print and film communications to technology and product design. We have chosen to include our 5 favourite categories out of the 16 categories that are presented at the Cannes Lions if you would like to see content from some of the other categories then just check out the Cannes Lions website. Below you can see our favourites from each of the 5 categories.


  • Ripple – Nike
  • Like A Girl Case Study
  • Family: Unskippable – GEICO



  • Makeup Genius – L’Oreal Paris

Creative Effectiveness

  • Live Test Series Case Study – Volvo Trucks
  • This is Wholesome – Honey Maid Case Study


  • I Will What I Want Ft Gisele Bündchen - Under Armour
  • Look At Me – Samsung Electronics

Promo And Activation

  • Chasing Horizons – Citizen Watch
  • Safety Truck – Samsung
  • Holograms For Freedom - No Somos Delito (We Are Not Crime)

What was your favourite campaign from this years Cannes Lions Festival?


RED-E Competition Winner Announcement

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We partnered up with Red-E, who want to create awareness about their brand and awesome products. In order to create the awareness, we ran a competition through our Facebook Page where we had 3 Red-E 2500mAh PowerBanks up for grabs. These are beautiful devices, you can read more about them in our review.

The competition required people to share an image – it went on to be SHARED OVER A THOUSAND TIMES! This for us is a record and we’re so thrilled to have been able to create so much awareness for Red-E.

  • Kim Stavropoulos
  • Alicetine Anderson
  • Marisca Wakefield


Tinder-style Twitter Cleaner

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Last week we published a blog post on 5 ways to keep your Twitter account clean. Whilst looking at all the options we came across a rather enjoyable application called Twindr. Twindr uses the left and right swiping techniques of Tinder to assist you in cleaning up your followers. A simple swipe to the left unfollows someone and a swipe to the right keeps them. As you swipe left and right, the people you follow are show one by one.

We did some searching and managed to find a video that shows off the application:

You can download the application in the Apple App Store – it’s completely free and apart from being fun, it’s honestly a great way to get rid of some unwanted people you follow.

Jurassic World Of Cats?

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Okay, okay. Yes, last week was also about Jurassic World, yea we get it. But seriously, there are just so many good Meme’s coming out of this movie that they can’t be ignored. I think this meme should be extended to every movie possible. Imagine if someone did this for Star Wars as well!?

Some of these are strange, and some are just plain awesome – what makes it even better, is some of these are from the Jurassic Park films showing true dedication to this cause! Well played!

Hat tip to The Chive

Findings Friday: Get Your Read On!

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Another week has passed and it’s time to look at this week’s list of hot digital marketing topics. We’ve hand picked these, so we hope you enjoy them.

[Mobile] For those who are focused on mobile search, you’ll be interested to know that it looks like Google is once again making changes to the search results on mobile devices. From what we can tell, this hasn’t officially announced, but a lot of people have picked up on it.

[Mobile] “Mobile is Eating the World” is a new slide deck by Benedict Evans that shares a lot of insight into how mobile devices are changing everything.

[SEO] As our world becomes smaller and smaller due to the enhancements of the Internet, so does it become more and more possible for businesses to market globally. But how many of those businesses are doing SEO right? Here is a good article on International SEO with Gabriella Sannino.

[Social] Facebook native video takes up about 80% of the interactions on Facebook and early adopters have been making the most out of it. ESPN was an early adopter and across their 15 videos they’ve logged 53,000 shares already. Compared to it’s previous 15 YouTube videos which logged in only 6,500 shares. Read more about this by clicking here.

[Social] When last did you clean up your Twitter account? Interested in removing some inactive accounts, want to engage with people who follow who don’t follow you back? This article shows you 5 ways to keep your Twitter account squeeky clean.

[Websites] A rather simple post on 7 reasons why WordPress is the best choice for non-technical business owners. Have a read of the 7 reasons now.

[Analytics] Interested in knowing how to make use of your real-time statistics in Google Analytics? In this article Kristi Corrigan explores the numbers and shares with us how we can use them to our advantage.

[SEO] Acquiring links is still an important practise if you want your website to be visible in the search results. Jason Acidre, a well respected SEO, published an article all the way back in February of 2013 – it’s still applicable.

[Engagement] FindThatLead is a Chrome extension that allows you to find the email address of someone on LinkedIn without any hassle. If you’re looking to network, this tool can be really useful.

[Content] Headline structures, one of the most important matters with content publication. Interested in knowing why the most hated headline structures work? This article explores this exact topic for you.

[Social] If you’re like us, you’ll check who has been visiting your LinkedIn profile. When last did you spend some time making sure that the people visiting your profile are finding what they should be and more importantly, when last did you do something to get more people to your profile? Here are 11 ways to optimise your profile for more exposure.

Have a great weekend everyone!

KFC Brings Back Colonel Sanders For Its 75th Anniversary

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In an attempt to refresh its image and promote sales KFC in the USA have bought back Colonel Sanders. Colonel Sanders, who created the secret KFC recipe 75 years ago will be played by former Saturday Night Live comedian Darrell Hammond. The real Colonel Sanders who died in 1980, hasn’t been featured in TV ads for 20 years. The TV ads, which started airing on the 25th of May, aim to show how the world has changed since the Colonels death. But there is one thing that hasn’t changed and that is the Kentucky Fried Chicken sold by KFC.


This campaign forms part of KFC’s attempt to re brand after its steady decline in sales. They also plan to redesign the restaurants and add new menu items.

In addition to the adverts released KFC also provide a walk-through of Colonel Sanders’ extensive life, as well as a video game called Colonel Quest, where you play him throughout his life. You can even help him the Colonel escape the class room by dodging the teacher or by jumping over various other objects.

KFC Colonel Quest Intructions

KFC Colonel Quest

Some of KFCs fans however have found this campaign distasteful and disrespectful to the real Colonel Sanders. John Y. Brown Jr., who bought the secret recipe in 1964, said the Colonel wouldn’t take too kindly to how KFC is mocking Colonel Sanders. On a phone interview, Brown said “I don’t think you make a gimmick out of somebody. I think they are making fun of the Colonel. It is such a fascinating story, I hate to see them tarnish it.”

The publicity campaign, which originally started in 1963 on a TV show called “What’s My Line” depicts the real Colonel Sanders and his natural approach to answering questions. The original show can be seen below.

Brown has also stated that although KFC’s new commercial colonel may get some attention and create an appetite for the famous fried chicken, the gussied-up version is a shadow of the real man.


5 Ways to keep your Twitter account squeaky clean

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When last did you take the time to clean up your Twitter account? If you’re like most people you’ll probably be reading this thinking, “I’ve never done that”. Perhaps it’s time to do exactly this. Social media accounts are like Windows computers, they collect rubbish along the way and sometimes need a thorough clean.


If you’re a fan of lists (as we are) then now might be the time to have a look through your lists to refine them. To access your lists you need to log into Twitter and then click through to Lists under your profile. Here you’ll be able to select your list and then see all the users who appear in said list. We use a number of lists, but one list that is very popular is “Daily” – This list follows accounts that we want to hear from but don’t necessarily want to follow. This list becomes outdated and a good clean up removes the clutter and brings back the purpose of the list.


Tweepdash is a useful and free web application that provides you with 3 useful insights:

  1. People you follow who don’t follow you back,
  2. People who follow you and you don’t follow them back, and
  3. People who you follow and they follow you back.

With this application you can authorise it to access your account (don’t worry, it doesn’t send tweets through your account) and then see the various people who fit the three insights above. This is really useful if you want to reduce the number of people who are following you or follow some people who are already following you.


UnTweeps is another useful web app that has a number of features, but the most useful feature shows you which accounts you follow that are inactive. This is a great way to clear out some clutter. You need to authenticate yourself on the website via Twitter (don’t worry, it doesn’t send tweets through your account) and then you choose to list the people who follow who haven’t tweeted in X number of days. We generally think that if someone hasn’t tweeted in 3 months that they’re not worth following but you can certainly narrow things down depending on how fresh you like Twitter to be. What’s really useful is that all you need to do is put a checkmark next to the accounts you want to unfollow and click one button and they’re unfollowed.


When last did you check which applications had access to your account? It’s a really good idea to limit access as much as possible to avoid problems so it’s time to look through the list of authorised applications. Log into your Twitter account, click on your profile photograph at the top right, select Settings and then clicks on “Apps” on the left. Carefully look through this list and revoke access where necessary.


There are several tools that you can use to find possible fake followers:

  1. Fakers App
  2. Fakefollowers
  3. TwitterAudit

Each of these tools will assist you in finding fake accounts that you can block, along with some additional features. It’s worth playing around with them to see what insight they offer.

Don’t forget to follow us @iModDigital for more useful tips and tricks!

Chris Pratt Can Control Any Situation

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Everyone has been going crazy about Jurassic World, the latest movie based on the Jurassic Park franchise. Apart from the fact that those heels were worn the entire movie and didn’t seem to break (HOW!?), the other part of the movie that everyone is talking about, is when Chris Pratt controls the Raptors. It seems Chris’ skills are needed in more than just Jurassic World…

Stop interferring Chris! GET OUT THE WAY!

Friday Findings: Slow To Load

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[Reputation] Handling negative comments online is a challenge and too many people do it incorrectly. The incorrect response could lead you down a very risky road, so knowing how to respond like a champ is really important.

[Content] In a world where there is so much information online, it’s hard to attract people to your piece of writing. This guide looks at 11 formulas and strategies on how to go about writing punchier headlines for your adverts, and articles if you wish.

[SEO] Three years after Google announced “not provided” due to privacy reasons, Bing is now following the trends and has announced that they will be doing the same.

[AdWords] It’s time to upgrade your version of Google’s AdWords Editor. As of June 30th, versions 10.6 and older will no longer be supported. So if you’ve been holding back on updating your software, unfortunately now you will have to go ahead and upgrade. We can tell you one thing though, the new version is really great once you get used to it!

[Social] We all know Gary Vaynerchuk, whether you like him or not doesn’t matter, he’s got some good things to share about social media and his latest article on discusses how you should go about mastering the 4 big social media platforms.

[Analytics] You’ve probably seen us talking about referral spam in Google Analytics a few times and we’ve gone ahead and put measures in place to reduce the spam we receive in your client’s accounts. But, if you’re still not quite sure what to do, the good news is that a more recent article has been published that dives into this with some solutions.

[Search] By now you should know how important load speeds are for websites and especially mobile websites. Google is now testing a “Slow To Load” feature that will appear in the search results if your website is slow. As you can imagine, this could be a huge set back for your website as nobody is going to want to visit a slow site! This isn’t the first time Google have explored this either.

[AdWords] Local PPC is getting just as popular as local SEO – naturally because of mobile and proximity. If you are running a local PPC campaign then you might want to turn your eyes to this article which shares 7 excellent tips on local PPC campaign optimisation.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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