iMod Digital: This Week In Search 5-2-16

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this week in search 5-2-16

We hope you enjoyed last weeks wrap up of all the things search related. It is still a new concept for us so we appreciate any and all of your feedback. That being said lets dive into what has happened this week.


John Giannandrea To Replace Amit Singhal As Head Of Search : The SEM Post

This awesome read details the necessary information regarding Amit Singhal’s departure as the head of search at Google. Singhal’s last day will take place on the 26th of February. He will be replaced by John Giannandrea, who was the Head of Machine Learning at Google. This is definitely worth a read if you are interested to find out a bit more about why  Amit Singhal left and who  John Giannandrea is.

The Machine Learning Revolution: How it Works and its Impact on SEO : Moz

If after reading the above article you are a find yourself interested in finding out more about Machine Learning then this Moz article is a perfect read. It is a little long and a little technical at times but perfectly explains the concepts of machine learning by providing you with real world examples. Machine learning is quickly becoming popular and will slowly increase search engines understanding of your website with regards to content and UX.

Google Revamps Mobile Travel Search Results, Almost Making Web Results Irrelevant : Search Engine Land

Without many of us even noticing Google changed the way mobile interfaces react to travel related searches making it more difficult to go back and read the organic search results. In this article you are taken through a users experience when they conduct a travel related search on a mobile device. This is definitely going to make life more difficult for those companies and search engine optimizer’s who are trying to target travel related topics.

Field Guide to Spider Traps: An SEO’s Companion : Portent

A fantastic read that dives into spider traps and how to identify a spider trap and how to fix an issue that may be causing a spider trap on your website. For those of you who are new to SEO a spider trap is a “structural issue that causes a web crawler to get stuck in a loop, loading meaningless ‘junk’ pages forever.” It is about a 23 minute read but is definitely worth your time as it expertly dives into the different causes and how you can go about fixing them.

 The Most Important Things We Learned About Google’s Panda Algo : Moz

Yes we are aware that we have already posted a Moz article on this post but we decided that both were definitely worth the mention. This particular article goes into detail about some of Google’s new statement regarding the Panda algorithm. First off we would like to point out that Panda is all about content, content and more content nothing else. Have a read through the article to help you gain a better understanding as to what some of the important factors are regarding content.

Google Launches APP Streaming, and What It Could Mean : State Of Digital

This is a nice quick read that gives you a better understanding of Google’s new App Streaming service that allows users to stream mobile applications if they do not have a specific app on their device. Currently as stated in the article “this is a small rollout with a few select brands in the states first, as Google are ‘testing’ user response before a larger global rollout.”


Google Search Partner Network: Friend Or Foe? : Search Engine Land

Many of us find ourselves confused about whether or not we should include Google’s search Partners when we are setting up an ad campaign. This incredibly thorough article looks at current volume of search partner traffic as well as the costs involved in enabling Google Search Partners. Although the article can’t answer that question for you as results will be different for every company it is a fascinating read and definitely helps you to gain a better understanding of a couple of scenarios.

AdWords for iOS gives marketers easy access to campaign stats : CIO

Last Thursday Google announced that they were releasing an AdWords app for iPhone. This short and sweet article gives you a quick run down on how the app works and the differences between AdWords and AdWords Express.


Inside Facebook’s Decision to Blow Up the Like Button : Bloomberg Business

A fantastic piece going into detail about the background of Chris Cox, the social network’s chief product officer and one of the team behind Reactions. It is a bit of a long read but if you are interested in what Facebook is doing and who is behind making your News Feed more relevant then it is a awesome read.

Re-optimise, Re-optimise and Re-optimise Again

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Having worked in the search space for well over a decade, we’ve had the privilege of working on so many different websites. Massive websites and small websites, it really doesn’t matter, at the end of the day there are many consistencies. One thing that we continually come up against is a misunderstanding about technical SEO. I don’t know where people are reading, but there’s this thought/idea that once you’ve technically optimised a website you don’t need to optimise it again? Utter rubbish. Do we all think we’re so brilliant that we can nail a technical implementation first time? Imagine you only have to play cricket once and then considered yourself world class.

Let us tell you why this isn’t the case and it’s really easy to explain. Website’s evolve, additional content is added, previously researched keywords are no longer accurate or other discovered keywordsiscovered are better and search engines continually update their algorithms. These are just 3 really simple examples of how technical SEO cannot be done once and then left, it’s a constant requirement if you want your website to perform to its full extent. Don’t be fooled any longer.

Here’s an example:

HubSpot is one of the most well known companies in the inbound marketing space, with thousands of employee’s, thousands of customers that span across 90 countries and a revenue of 115.9 million USD in 2014. Their IPO was in 2014 and they’re not listed on the NYSE. Point driven home? They’re a big successful company.

Just the other day they published a blog post about technical SEO changes they made on their website which drove up their organic traffic by 50%. Now, trust me, their website was incredibly well optimised, yet they identified 7 things and this lead to their organic graph going like this:

HubSpot Technical SEO

A 51.14% growth in organic traffic for a company that drove a revenue of 115.9 million USD in 2014. Just imagine what effect this will have on their revenue! At this point we believe it’s quite clear that technical SEO is not a once off thing and that it should be continually worked on.

When it comes to re-optimising your website, there are of course many ways to do this and it can get quite advanced. However, there are also simple ways and we like to share one with you. A few years ago when Google stopped allowing us all to see what keywords were leading a person to a website for privacy reasons we all became very used to (not provided). Although this was a big hit to the world of digital marketing, it wasn’t the end of keywords for everyone. Heard of Google’s Search Console (ex Google Webmaster Tools)? We certainly hope so!

Let’s get started:

  • Log into your Search Console account and select the website in question’s profile.
  • Look on the left and click on Search Traffic followed by Search Analytics.
  • Click on the radio button next to Pages.
  • Select the page on your website that you’re interested in.
  • Click on the radio button next to Queries.

Here’s a video:

Search Console Queries

What we’ve identified here is the search queries (keywords) that people are searching for to arrive at a page on our website about eCommerce in South Africa. Now this is really useful because we may find that we’ve optimised the page for a specific keyword when in fact there’s another keyword that’s getting more clicks through to our site or perhaps a keyword we didn’t even think about. From here we can update the article accordingly and include the new keywords, we could write additional content on the website and interlink the articles and so the list of possible ideas goes on.

This really is just a simple example of re-optimisation, but it’s an example that we believe drives the point home about never assuming that once a website is technical optimised that it doesn’t need to be technical optimised again. To have true success with SEO one needs to revisit the technical side of SEO on a constant basis because you never know when you might be missing out of something incredibly valuable!

We hope you enjoyed this!

iMod Digital: This Week In Search: 29-1-16

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You might notice something a little different about our weekly round up post. While we were very fond of our previous structure, and our clever little allieration in Friday Findings, we decided that our baby needed some changing.

We found that “Friday Findings” wasn’t accurately explaining to the user what our post was about, as well as it also wasn’t providing adaqute direction which meant that each weekly wrap up had different content surrounding vastly different topics within the digital sphere. While we appreciate that some of you loved that, and the feedback we got was great, we knew it was missing something.

Introducing This Week In Search.

“This Week In Search” will replace Friday Findings, and will be a far more targeted weekly wrap up of content that we have read this week. We will cover search related content, namely SEO and PPC specifically, with only one or two bonus links surrounding general digital marketing news. Let’s get the ball rolling shall we?


Technical SEO: Wiring Websites For Organic Search | Smashing Magazine

This piece might not be completely fresh as it was published at the end of November of last year, but I keep seeing it posted and every time I read it, I enjoy it more. It is a great technical piece and while it might be targeted at 2015, I think a lot of the information contained will be highly relevant to the majority of SEO’s within 2016. Bookmark this one!

My Single Best SEO Tip for Improved Web Traffic | Moz

Blimey I enjoyed this piece. Cyrus Shepard has repeatedly put out great content over at Moz over the last five years. In his final piece while working for Moz he talks about something that I feel is vital to how your website performs, but seems to constantly be overlooked – user intent. This article is a great piece on how to actually identify user intent and how landing pages on your site have a mismatch as well as how you can change this.

We Analyzed 1 Million Google Search Results. Here’s What We Learned About SEO

This one is a looooong read, but it is a great analysis of 1 million search results and the correlation they found between SEO tactics and the top position within the SERP’s. There is also a very quick summary at the top of the post for you if you are too swamped to read the entire thing.

Website Grader

This might not be an article, but it is a great new tool that you can use to get a quick and dirty overview of your website. While this isn’t particularly useful for current SEO’s as it doesn’t provide enough depth or sufficient metrics, it is a great start for anyone with their own website who takes an interest with the technical side of their site, and has a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimisation.

10 Predictions for 2016 in SEO & Web Marketing | Moz

Rand Fishkin gives his 10 predection for SEO & Web Marketing in 2016. This is always a good read as it shows where one of the leaders in the SEO world thinks the world is moving towards. He also covers his predictions from the previous year which is always fun to look back on.


33 Retargeting CampaignsYou’ve Never Heard Of Before | Klient Boost
This post is a monster that covers the often misunderstood retargeting campaigns. It provides 33 types of retargeting campaigns that you can use and shows you how you could leverage them for your objectives. It is a long one, but one that should definitely be bookmarked and referred to constantly to ensure that your campaigns are fresh and highly effecient.

The PPC Food Pyramid: A 211 Point PPC Marketing Strategy | Klient Boost

While the title might sound a bit overwhelming, if you are thinking about spending some money through paid channels but you aren’t sure which one is the right one for your business and your objectives, then this is the post for you. This is another one from the guys over at Klient Boost (<3) and showcases how to break down your PPC spend and then lists 72, yes 72, options. Overwhelming for the majority of people? Definitely. A good place to start your research with loads of options to present to the team? Absolutely!

The Complete Resource to Understanding Facebook Ads Cost | AdEspresso

Facebook Ads: they still seem to have some mystery about them, even with Facebook reporting a 4th quater profit of $1.56 Billion largely thanks to their mobile advertising. This question was one that stuck with me for a while – just how much does it cost to advertise effectively on Facebook? Well, after reading this post, this won’t be a question that you will be asking any longer.

Google Is Now Showing 4 PPC Ads Above The Fold Instead of 3

Once again Google throws the norm out of the window and does some sneaky testing to some users sending the world into a spin. This time it’s no different as in some cases they have been showing 4 PPC ads above the fold instead of the long-time standard of only 3. Shock and horror for SEO’s all around the world.


Learn Responsive Web Design: 6 Day Email Course

This little email course only lasts 6 days and gives you a brief intro into how responsive design works. Not only does it explain how it works in theory, but it exposes you to some of the practical technical elements to peak your interest just enough to get you digging through a fantastic collection of further reading. Don’t worry, the lessons are quick and the entire course took me maybe an hour or two.

Google revamps their Webmaster Portal

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Towards the end of last year Google renamed Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console. Most of us log into Search Console via Google’s Webmaster Portal, but have you taken a minute to see just how jam packed the Webmaster Portal actually is and have you noticed that Google’s just launched a complete revamp?

Google Webmaster Portal Revamp

If you’re familiar with Google’s Webmaster Portal you’ll be thrilled to see just how clean and neat the revamp is and if you aren’t familiar with the portal then take a moment to click around because it’s full of great information. There are support areas, places to learn and a string of ways to contact Google should you need to.

What’s really exciting to see is that Google announced the revamp and did so by announcing a further 3 new features:

  1. Webmaster troubleshooter: Need a step-by-step guide to move your site or understand a message in Search Console? The troubleshooter can help answer these and other common problems with your site in Google Search and Google Search Console.
  2. Popular resources: Looking for popular Google Webmasters YouTube videos, blog posts and forum threads? Here’s a curated list of our top resources – these may differ across languages.
  3. Events calendar: Want to meet someone from our team online for office hours or at a live event near you? We have office hours and events in multiple languages around the world.

It’s really great to see Google investing time and energy into evolving their Webmaster Portal, this is an invaluable resource on the internet and we hope that they continue to evolve it over the years to come.

4 Must-know on-site SEO requirements for 2016

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A new year is upon us and although SEO is ever evolving, we like to reflect on the previous year and catch up with research conducted on what Google is looking for in the year ahead. Did you know that Google changes its algorithm several hundred times a year? That right there is motivation alone to take SEO seriously, if you’re not up to date with Google’s requirements someone else will be and they’ll find themselves ahead of you.

SEO Trends

During 2015 we came across a number of strategies that worked well and kept popping up in articles written by industry leaders. It is our opinion that the following technical SEO matters need to be taken seriously during the course of this year. We should all be doing these already, but if we aren’t let’s get started immediately:

  • Mobile – We’re almost a year from the day that Google launched their mobile algorithm update. This update somewhat separated web and mobile based searches – so if you’re searching from your desktop you’ll see a different set of search results to when you’re on your mobile device. This means that if your website isn’t mobile friendly, there’s a good chance it won’t be very visible in the search results. Considering how many people are using mobile devices, it’s crucial to ensure that your website is mobile friendly.
  • Internal Linking – If we received a dollar each time we were presented with a website that had bad internal linking we would be very wealthy. Internal linking is a powerful way to flow authority around a website, in doing so you spread the website’s authority across multiple pages and this results in your pages receiving increased visibility in the search engines. We don’t just want our home page to appear, we want our other pages to appear too and internal linking assists with this!
  • Local Optimisation – With the advent of mobile search, so comes local optimisation. Local optimisation in a nutshell is the process of ensuring that your website appears in localised results. In other words, if you have a sea food restaurant in Cape Town you would naturally want your website to appear when someone searches for “sea food restaurant Cape town” for example. Local optimisation ensures that this happens and this is most definitely one of the most important SEO matters for 2016.
  • Technical Foundation – We don’t believe that there will ever be a time, or at least not for a very long time, where the foundational technical matters on a website aren’t important. Time and time again we’re presented with website’s that have weak technical foundations and upon fixing the problems the website immediately starts to gain traction in the search engines. Never take technical SEO for granted!

These 4 on-site matters, when combined, will set your website apart from your competitors and give you that edge. It’s no surprise that Google has become flooded with websites and sticking out has become harder and harder. The only way to stick out without spending money on Google’s advertising network is to ensure that your website is well optimised. It’s important to note that these aren’t the only 4 matters that are important, but they are tangible, tried and tested.

Take some time to review your website, look carefully at it against the 4 matters above and implement what you can. If you aren’t technical, find an SEO specialist or an agency to assist you with these matters and have the confidence in knowing that your website will be pleasing Google.

L’Oréal Set to Release a Skin Patch That Detects Sun Exposure

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Everyone knows that you shouldn’t spend hours upon hours in the sun everyday as it can result to serious skin damage and can even cause skin cancer. That is why L’Oréal have decided to unveil a new wearable technology that detects and lets you know your skins exposure to UV.

‘My UV patch’ is a smart patch, it is a super thin piece of stretchable material, similar to that of a fake tattoo that will last up to 5 days even when sunscreen is applied over it. Once placed upon the skin a photosensitive dye will detect the UV exposure to that particular area of skin and will change colours based on your level of UV exposure.

My Uv Patch By L'Oreal detects UV exposure

Not only does the heart on the patch change colour but it is also connected to a smartphone app that will allow you to read the UV rating by taking a photo (iOS) within the app and by NFC (Android not currently available). The application will then tell you in graph form about how much sun you have been exposed to throughout the day. It will also provide you with useful lifestyle tips and habits to help you better understand your UV exposure and to correct your behaviour.

Check out the demo from CES 2016 below.

Guive Balooch, global vice president of L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator said “We give you information about your behaviour and the idea is that this information will help you take preventative measures in the future.”

“Previous technologies could only tell users the amount of potential sun exposure they were receiving per hour while wearing a rigid, non-stretchable device. The key was to design a sensor that was thin, comfortable and virtually weightless so people would actually want to wear it. We’re excited to be the first beauty company entering the stretchable electronics field and to explore the many potential applications for this technology within our industry and beyond.” said Balooch

The patch which is going to be free, will be launched later this year. With the way the sun is hitting us at the moment I sincerely hope that they decide to release it in South Africa.

Meme Monday: Girl Falling Off Horse Gets Flung Around

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The internet is a weird place, and sometimes even the most innocent looking picture can spark a fire full of creativity within the realms of Reddit users. What is the opposite of a face swop?


Then things got a little odd.


McDonald’s Lets Fans Help Direct Their New Short Detective Film

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In order to launch McDonald’s Loaded Fries, which are their standard fries with various toppings such as guacamole or salsa, McDonald’s Sydney have launched the ‘Bring Fries to Life’ campaign. The campaign will feature weekly short films that will be rolled out through #FryFix on YouTube. Each short film will be crowd directed by various fans who can interact with the story via social media networks such as Facebook. Fans are tasked with controlling various key parts of the films, once key parts of the film have been created they will then be edited together to form a 5 minute mini-blockbuster. Comedic voice-overs are used to bring Detective Fry, the lead character, to life. In the 5 episode series Detective Fry is tasked with solving various crimes that have taken place in Fry Town. Check out the first short film below.

On the 26 of December the final short film will be released and the best fan suggestions will be bought to life in the movie. All fans that participated in the making of the movie will get their names added to the films credits.

Mcdonalds Fan directed short film

Senior marketing director of McDonald’s Australia, Bronwyn Powell said in a statement: “Loaded Fries are like nothing Macca’s has ever served before. They’re a big change for us and bring two new personalities to our French Fries – I wanted our campaign to reflect this and be something people would really take notice of.

“I challenged my team and our agency partners to push the boundaries and give us a campaign that transcends both traditional and new channels. They’ve certainly delivered with the range of FryFlix films, and I’m excited to see how Aussies respond to it.”

detective Joe Fry - Mcdonalds Loaded Fan Film

Alongside the TV component of this campaign they have also created a print component, where they have rolled out various adverts across billboards.

Teaching Tuesday: Automation with Google AdWords

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When it comes to campaign performance, one of the most time consuming matters is that of clicking around an account looking at various statistics to make informed decisions. Anybody who uses AdWords will appreciate this, but we’ve identified that most people aren’t aware of automated reporting in Google AdWords and it’s a huge time saver.

Open up your Google AdWords account and click to All Campaigns. Where you see the red +CAMPAIGN button, move your eyes to the right and look for the “Automate” drop down menu. Give this menu a click:

This area of Google AdWords unlocks so much potential! One of the easiest areas to get started with is “Send email when..”, which allows you to receive email notifications when various criteria are achieved. For example, you could receive a notification if the bounce rate goes up, X number of conversions are achieved and so the list goes on. We encourage you to spend time in this section as it will save you hours of account management. Not only will it save you hours, but it can also save you a great deal of money which could then be used to channel into performing campaigns.

Now, if you look at the image above you’ll see that there are many other options, such as pausing campaigns based on specific criteria, changing your daily bid and so the list goes on. Imagine being able to pause a campaign when certain criteria are met? Perhaps you have a business that may only handle X number of leads on a daily basis, so when that many leads are achieved the campaign is paused to ensure you’re not paying for nothing – simple example, but think about that for a moment and you’ll see just how flexible this could be and how it will work to your advantage. How about lowering the cost per click / bid based on various criteria.. let’s say your advert has had 50 clicks in a day and the bounce rate is getting rather high, reduce the clicks or pause the campaign to avoid wasting money, then adjust things accordingly to perhaps increase quality score.

Here is an example of pausing an advert if the bounce rate goes higher than 40% on a day by lunch time:

This really is only the tip of the iceberg. PPC Hero wrote a good post on 8 email alerts that you should be using and it’s worth reading through them if for no other reason than inspiration.

Let us know if you use any automated processes and/or scripts to manage your PPC account?

The Cat That Traveled Through Time

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An artist called Svetlana Petrova has decided that some of the world’s most famous masterpieces don’t quite have enough…what’s the word I’m looking for….ginger cat. Yea, I have no clue either.

What makes this so amusing is how well that this is executed. Sure it isn’t close to Doug The Pug, but he is on another level. However, confused chuckling was heard when this went around the office…

Need SEO Answers?