Friday Findings: Too Many Search Updates?

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We have recently had a client that over the space of the last three months has received the washing machine treatment from Google. It has been turned up and down and thrown all about. The interesting thing is that it hasn’t been penalized or filtered, but has rather moved fairly considerably both up and down. It seems to take a knock on the various “Payday Loan” updates, but then get a massive boost around Panda updates.

We will dive into this into further detail next week so stay tuned!

Here is some reading for the weekend!

Have a smashing weekend everyone!

Thunder Thursday: Dove Has Done It Again

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It is amazing to see how people take such simple ideas and then make them into fabulous campaigns. Once again Dove has shown us their creative brilliance by crafting a campaign that is  powerful and influential. Their last campaign “Real Beauty Sketches” explored the idea of how people see themselves versus how others see them.

“When You’re Smiling” is their latest campaign which asked people to view themselves in a mirror, the participant was then asked “When did you last smile to yourself in the mirror?”. In order to encourage engagement, participants were then told that photo taking will only be activated by smiling. They were then reminded that beauty is the reflection of yourself in the mirror.

When You’re Smiling / Gülümseyince Güzelsin from In Situ on Vimeo.

We love ideas like these that combine a fantastic use of technology and truly warm emotions.


Work Wednesday: Autostyle Relaunches

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A client of ours recently decided it was time to spice things up and take on a web refresh upon our recommendation. They wanted to keep the same look and feel, but simply update things and make them more user-friendly and modern. This refresh included their weekly newsletter as well as their website and below are the results:


We love the new look and you can check it out for yourself over at

Please note that the redesign was not implemented by iMod Digital. We were consulting partners for this project.

Trending Tuesday: Be in the Know

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If you feel like you are struggling to keep up with who’s who and what’s what in the world of social, then you have found the right place. Today I am going to give you a quick rap up of whats Popular on YouTube,  the Top Google Searches and a breakdown of what is currently trending on Twitter all so that you can be in the know. So next time when your friend says to you ” Hey have you seen the latest video?  ”  you can reply with a smug  ”Yes , Have you  seen the even later one?”

Top 10 Google Searches

Top 10 Google Searches 22 July

Trending on Twitter

 Popular on YouTube

Meme Monday: Spielberg Does It Again

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Oh how I love the internet and meme’s. This one is an old one, but still a goodie. It has been given new life for some reason and this makes it even better! <3

Steven Spielberg does it again – getting blamed for killing things and posing with his prize.









Finding Findings: Your weekend reading!

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This week really did fly by, we blogged the best memes from the World Cup, we had a laugh at the Buy My Barina campaign, we shared a useful SEO tip and that’s only 3 of the 10,000 things we did this week! Nevertheless, we were able to find some really interesting articles inbetween the busy days to share with you so you have the opportunity to catch up with all things digital over the weekend from the comfort of your couch.

1. Landing Pages Analysed

Rand Fishkin, Oli Gardner and Peep Laja were interviewed by unbounce and during the interview they were asked to tear apart 20 landing page designs. This really is worth having a read of, there are plenty of incredibly useful tips within!

2. Excellent Blog Post Titles

Content marketing became the in thing last year and ever since it has become more and more popular. In turn it’s become harder and harder to get your content in front of people amongst all the other content. A lot of the time is boils down to the headline of the article and this great article by Wordstream discusses 19 different ways to write great article titles, read here.

3. Google Analytics on the App Store

Fresh off the press, Google Analytics is now available in the App Store! Access all of your Google Analytics web and app data from your mobile device. Monitor recent changes with Real Time reports. Easily get your Analytics data anytime, anywhere:

So that’s it from us for this week, we’ll be back next Friday with some Friday Findings!

Thunder Thursday: Buy My Barina

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As some of frequent visitors will know Thunder Thursday is all about sharing some awesome digital campaigns with you and this week we have a cracker. This amazing video was created to help sell a 1999 Holden Barina but the video then became so successful that the owner decided that he would rather auction the car off to charity.

We’ve seen the Volvo adverts from the past, but this one kicks things up a little in our opinion. Best you watch the video:

He even created a website dedicated to the effort, take a look here. Naturally he received a number of tweets:



..And now that Mashable and a number of huge Internet properties are publishing the story, you can just imagine how viral this video is going.

It is brilliant campaigns like this that make us so passionate about digital marketing.

Work Wednesday: Spicing up the office

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We have been super busy this week but we somehow still managed to spice up the office and give it a little more character. I mean you can’t go wrong with a little extra office branding right? Due to the fact that this is still a fairly new office space we still have tons of beautifying to do so any suggestions would be very much appreciated :) so if you have a knack for all things interior design feel free to comment and tell us your awesome ideas, you never know in a couple weeks you may revisit our blog and see some of your ideas in action.

imod digital number plate

We want you to share the awesome aspects of your office. What makes your space fun, creative and one that you are proud of?

Trending Tuesday: The World Cup Party Is over

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Trending Tuesday is here again and it is time to dive into what is cracking on the World Wide Web. I was extremely suprised to see how quickly conversation of the World Cup has faded on Twitter considering it only ended on Sunday. I guess it just shows how fast paced and pertinent social media  really is.

Trending Hashtags on Twitter

Top 10 Google Searches

Google Searches July 15

I bet I am not the only one that is starting to feel like the day is never going to end and is literally counting the minutes to 5pm. In the spirit of this I have decided to include the top 5 songs on iTunes  to give you the refresh that you deserve.

Top 5 on iTunes


SEO: Reclaim the links that belong to you

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This morning we were tasked with assisting a large company with some insight into building a new website. Whenever it comes to a new website the SEO requirements are so incredibly important – neglect the SEO and you find yourself going back a big step and recovering is often very difficult and expensive. There are a lot of SEO matters that need to be taken into account when launching a new website, but today I wanted to share with you a simple tactic we use when a new website is launched and we want to ensure that we get the most from the old website. By this I mean, let’s not leave any authority behind, let’s be greedy and take it all with us to ensure that we stay ahead.

Oftentimes when a new website is launched, the pages have different URLs. For example, a previous website might have and the new website has What happens to all the back links that were pointing to I’ll tell you what, they’ll be completely wasted. 301 redirects are imperative, but this strategy doesn’t just apply to brand new websites, you can perform it if you’ve ever launched a new website.

Let’s get started, we’ll be using Google Webmaster Tools and Screaming Frog.

Open up your Google Webmaster Tools account ( and click through to “Links to Your Site” under “Search Traffic” on the left. Then on the right you’ll see a column called “Your most linked content” and at the bottom there’s a link “More >>”, give this a click. What you’ll see now is a list of all the pages on your website and the number of links pointing to them. These are the important pages because they have valuable links.

Download all of these links and fire up Screaming Frog (SEO Tools). Import the list and then run a crawl to look for 404 pages. In other words, let’s find out all the pages that no longer exist on the website but have links pointing to them!

From here we can go about reclaiming those links by either creating new pages on the site with the old URL, or implementing redirects or even reaching out to the sites that are linking and asking them to update their links. If you have a large website, you could find yourself in a position where you can reclaim a big handful of links for absolutely nothing! This is going to have a strong effect on your website’s authority.

This is one of those quick wins that really can hold a lot of value. Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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