Hilarous Photoshopbattle Of An Evil Little Girl Holding An Owl

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Sometimes the internet follows politics or world events, like when the Pope recently visited the USA. However, sometimes the creative people of the internet get bored following those types of events and instead decide to get creative something completely random and obscure. We think these ones are even better however and the below meme of an evil looking little girl holding an owl perfectly describes our mood on this monday morning.

The Original Picture:

evil little girl original

photoshop evil litttle girl holding owl and running girl

liberty owl evil little girl photoshopped

evil little girl with cup of tea

evil little girl with owl new recruit

thors replacement evil little girl

dark lord of owls evil little girl

harry potter evil little girl

dancing evil little girlevil little girl with owl movie edit

evil little girl holding owl dancing

Friday Findings: 7 Worthwhile Articles

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It’s almost time for the weekend and that means we’ve been searching the web for some great articles for you to consume over the weekend. We’ve gone with a broad mix of different topics from paid media to search engine optimisation and threw in a fun link at the bottom.

[Paid] Have you ever wondered what the cost of mobile adverts is? This article, published on the NY Times, goes into detail about the cost of mobile adverts on 50 news-type websites.
[Email] There’s lots of research that shows that short email subject lines get the most attention. This article looks at 500 short subject lines that you can use for your next campaign.
[PPC] It’s always really interesting to take a look at the most expensive keywords on Google. We’ve tracked down an infographic that shows you which keywords are the most expensive, which sectors and so forth.
[UX] We’re sure that you’ve seen a website that asks “how did you hear about us?” on the enquiry form? Surely there’s a better way of doing this? You’ll be pleased to see this great discussion on the topic over at Inbound.org.
[Marketing] We’re not the biggest fans of automation, but we’ve come across a really great guide that shows you 6 simple steps and 18 amazing resources.
[SEO] Are you optimising your website for Baidu? Probably not and you probably should be. Here’s a highly detailed SEO guide for you to have a read through.
[Fun] This one’s just a little fun, have a look at the home screen of some top marketers mobile devices.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Dolmio Pepper Grinder That Can Shut Off Your Electronic Devices

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Dolmio has launched a new device that aims to help families reclaim dinnertime by shutting of electronic devices such as WiFi and TV’s during mealtime. We have all had that moment where you sit down to eat a nice dinner with the family and the phone rings. Whilst some people can ignore technology during dinner time others can’t resist the allure to post their latest meal picture on Instagram or to have a quick catch up with a friend between mouthfuls. That is why Dolmio has launched the Pepper Hacker, it allows you to turn all electronics off with the twist of a lid.

Dolmio Pepper grinder that shuts down technology

Richard Stear, the marketing director of Dolmio’s, which created the product, said: “We believe that meals shared with family and friends are often distracted by the very technology that is supposed to bring us closer together, so we’ve created the Dolmio Pepper Hacker to help connect us with the people in front of us.

“The Dolmio Pepper Hacker might not be available to every household yet but we believe that our experiment perfectly shows that once you disconnect from your technology at the dinner table you can really connect as a family.”

In order to get the device to work you first need to install software on the devices that you want the pepper grinder to manage. Once installed all you need to do do is twist the grinder and all devices with the software on will stop working.

Sadly though the device is just a prototype and is only in its early phase of development. Currently they are only being used to test what happens when you remove all technology from family spaces such as the dining room.

How To Track Sub-domains In Google Analytics With Tag Manager

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Google Tag Manager isn’t something new. Nope, in fact, it has been around since 2012, and while initial adoption was slow, there really is no excuse not to be using it now. If you want to get started with the basics, Google has put together a really good, lightning quick course on how to get started with the fundamentals of Tag Manager here.

How To Track Sub-domains With Tag Manager


Right, so you need to track traffic on your main domain, as well as on a sub-domain on your site, perhaps within a separate sign up process or something of the sorts. Regardless of how you are tracking your site, whether with the old school manual tracking code on your site, or you are using the Tag Manager container, this guide won’t make a difference. However, you will need to ensure that there is tracking code, using the same UA code across the main site as well as the sub-domain.


  1. Create Constant Variable
  2. Add sub-domain variable to tracking code
  3. Set CookieDomain to Auto
  4. Set AllowLinker Value to true
  5. Add Hostname Filter Within Analytics
  6. Publish!

Step 0: Create a Separate View Within Google Analytics

Create a separate view within Google Analytics to ensure that you don’t break anything ;) It does happen!

Step 1: Create A Constant Variable

This step creates the domain variable to track and as such you would enter example.com if you want to track all sub-domains, rather than maybe specifically admin.example.com. This step isn’t required, as you could simply enter in example.com within step 2, rather than save and use a variable. We just find this a little easier and allows you to use it in the future if you need to.

·         Once you have selected your container, click on Variables on the left, then New down at the bottom.

·         Name your variable, and in this case, I would keep it simple and call it “example.com”. Then choose Constant, and enter in your domain without any http:// or www, or any sub-domain; simply example.com


Step 2: Add sub-domain variable to tracking code

  • Head over to Tags and select your tracking code.
  • Scroll down to Cross-Domain tracking, and within the Auto Link Domains field, add your new variable that you have just saved, Example.com.

Step 3 & 4: Set AllowLinker Value to true & Cookie Domain to Auto

  • Before you head anywhere else, under More Settings, Fields to Set, you are going to add the next two steps.
  • allowLinker: true
  • CookieDomain: auto

Step 5: Add Hostname Filter Within Analytics

Now that everything is setup with Tag Manager, you need to ensure that you are getting accurate information within Google Analytics. You need to go and apply a filter that allows you to see the full URL from all domains that you have now merged together. This would allow you to view the top traffic pages together, but with the ability to see which pages come from a sub-domain, or from the main domain.

  • Within Analytics, head to Admin within the top left.
  • Then Filters on the right
  • Custom filter
  • Field A -> Hostname: (.*)
  • Field B -> Request URI: (.*)
  • Output -> Request URI: $A1$B1
  • Field A & Override Output Field are required fields so make sure you tick them!
  • Save!

Step 6: Publish Your Changes!

Head to the top right within Google Tag Manager and hit PUBLISH! Now don’t forget to test a page view within Analytics using the real-time view across your main domain, as well as a sub-domain.

What does your final configuration look like?

For a good guide on how to setup event tracking using Google Tag Manager, try this one out, or, if you are looking for a guide to supplement the Google Fundamentals course, then check this one out.

The Pope Starts a Photoshop Battle

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The current pope likes to do things a bit differently. His stances have seen the Vatican change its stance somewhat over some very difficult topics for the church, but yet, in this modern day, no matter what your views, the internet will probably make fun of you at some point if you are in the mainstream media. This is no different, even if you are the Pope. Hats off to this collection – the skill used in some of the editing here is majestic.

Friday Findings: Your Digital Digest

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We appreciate that South Africa is playing Scotland this weekend and there’s a huge amount of hype so we’re not going to share too many links because everyone’s going to be glued to the television and hopefully standing around a braai. But what would Friday be without a Friday Findings?

So here are three quick articles that you may have a read of over the weekend if you wish:

  1. [SEO] Just the other day at SMX East NYC, Gary Illyes from Google told everyone to keep authorship markup on their webpages! This post discusses this in short.
  2. [Social] Instagram is the hot social network at the moment and people are flocking to try and capitalise from it. Shopify have published an article that will help you build a big audience, or so they say.
  3. [PPC] Interested in knowing what information was found from analysing 37,259 Facebook Adverts? Well great news, it’s been done and it’s free to read!

Let’s go bokke!

Cape Town’s Powerful Campaign That Shows How Small Change Keeps People On the Street

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In a recent statement made by the city of Cape Town they said that they receive numerous complaints from residents and tourists on a daily basis about the aggressive begging and sheer number of people on the streets. That is why they have decided to launch the Give responsibly campaign. The campaign aims to encourage people to give their money to organisations working with homeless people rather that give donations directly to the homeless.

The City of Cape Town Give Responsibly Campaign - The Change Project

‘On the streets, our residents not only live in difficult conditions but are vulnerable to anti-social behaviour and substance abuse. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the misdirected kindness of residents keeps them on the streets in a pattern of dependency. Children are a particularly vulnerable group: we’ve seen first-hand that giving hand-outs discourages them from going to school,’ says Councillor Suzette Little the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Social Development and Early Childhood Development.

In order to help show people how easy it is to remain on the streets for longer than intended, they created “The Change Project”.

In the video above you will see small change randomly falling out of a ‘faulty’ vending machine. You will see that some of the passers-by choose to hang around to see if more change comes out and one guy even puts down his back pack and waits beside the machine. The video shows how by giving money to people directly on the street you are encouraging them to hang around and are thus fuelling the homeless dilemma.

Councillor Little then goes on to say that “We’ve seen that Capetonians have very big hearts are always ready to assist street people, especially during the colder months. As a caring city, we want to make sure that their contributions serve to assist recipients not just for a day or two, but in the long-term as well.”

She says that givers “can make a far greater impact by supporting the organisations that assist street people in finding job opportunities, reunite them with their families, and ultimately give them a second chance”.

If you would like to find out how you can donate to organisations that assist street people then use the toll free number on 0800 872 201 or SMS ‘Give’ to 38802 to donate R10.

How to find journalists to help with your marketing

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Coming up with an idea is easy, executing it is difficult. Building something is easy, getting it out there is difficult. These are two things that ring very true with anyone who’s tried to launch a company or a SaaS product. Time and time again we meet with startups who have a great idea, the idea’s been built and now it’s sitting there with only a few users. The reality is that without users your idea / business is effectively useless, but how do you get those users?

There are many ways, from Search Engine Optimisation to Search Engine Marketing and a whole myriad of different inbound marketing options, but sometimes the most powerful ways is to reach out to journalists, bloggers and the likes to hopefully get featured on a website that has a strong audience. This is where Just Reach Out comes into play, a really useful online software solution to find journalists.

Just Reach Out

The website is incredibly easy to use, type in what you’re trying to market and the site will show you a list of journalists who have written about said topic. So for example, let’s say we have a start up that has built a mobile application and we want to find out which journalists write about mobile applications. We simply type in “mobile applications” (you can refine things and we recommend it) and a list of the journalists are shown a few seconds later:

Mobile Application Journalist Results


We’re hoping that they’ll add some more filters to the software so that you could potentially refine a search via country or possibly even via the type of website. These will no doubt come as the application gets more and more popular, but right now it’s just very straight forward and really useful so we wanted to share this for this week’s Teaching Tuesday.

VW Memes Go Up In Smoke

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The latest “full efficient” diesel from VW.


Google helping hacked websites!

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After a lovely public holiday yesterday, Heritage Day, here in South Africa it’s back to the grind which means a brand new list of awesome resources for you this fine Friday. As it’s been a short week we’re going to share just 5 articles as we know a lot of people aren’t working today and many will be taking some time off.

google mobile

[Google] Have you heard of Google Contributor? The idea here is that you contribute a few dollars a month to see fewer adverts. You can read about it here on Google’s website.

[Email] We’ve all unsubscribed from a newsletter and have probably experienced the annoyance of receiving one final “you’ve been unsubscribed” email. The fact is that this email is unnecessary or is it? Perhaps it’s an opportunity to win back a previous subscriber – here are 5 awesome unsubscribed emails.

[SEO] It’s no surprise that local SEO is becoming more and more important in the world of search. If you’ve got a company that services people in a specific area then you’ll be interested in the 2015 local search ranking factors that were recently published.

[SEO] Did you know that Google’s Search is the 4th most popular app and is growing faster than Facebook? comScore published a study on this and it’s worth looking at because it shows just how important search is.

[Hacked Website] Google announced that during 2015 they’ve seen an increase of 180% in website’s that are being hacked. Because of this they’re putting some new measures in place that will assist website owners with knowing when someone has gone wrong and how to resolve it.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend and for those who are traveling, please be careful on the roads!

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