Trending Tuesday: The world looks on as Oscar receives his verdict

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With the recent announcement of the Oscar Pistorius verdict it really is no surprise to see his name popping up in what is currently trending on Google, it is however rather shocking to see that he isn’t trending on Twitter. This could be because Twitter looks at things daily whereas Google looks at things weekly, but it does still show you how quickly people on Twitter move forward and onto the next big thing.

Top Twitter Trends SA

Top Google Trends SA

google trends 16 September

All in all there seems to be an inconsistency with what is trending on Twitter to what is trending on Google. Which has left us with a mash up of results and no dominant topic or person taking over conversation.

This week we are giving you the top Instagram HashTags to spice things up a bit. What do you think?

Top HashTags on Instagram

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Meme Monday: Guy imitates womens tinder pictures

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The internet is filled with people’s profile pictures whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Tinder. Whilst most people try and look good in their profile pictures a few try to stand out. Although Tinder is still a fairly new social platform it definitely doesn’t disappoint when it come to unusual and a bizarre profile pictures. Those rather odd profile pictures that we often come across while browsing our social networks, gave this guy the rather ridiculous idea to stage a few scenes and to imitate some of the crazier profile pictures. guy imitates womens tinder profiles

Our Visit to Mirror Edge Networks

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Today we had the extreme pleasure of visiting a client of ours, Mirror Edge Networks. We built the Mirror Edge Networks website and assist with some digital marketing, but when we took on the contract their stunning centre wasn’t ready but now it is and we received VIP treatment! The space is wonderful, but the audio and video equipment is second to nothing, never in our lives have we seen and heard such incredible quality.

Hello Harvey ;)

A huge thank you to Morgan for accommodating us today!

Friday Findings: Huge LinkedIn Publishing Platform Study

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Friday’s seem to arrive faster and faster as the year goes by. There are so many interesting and useful digital marketing topics happening that it’s nearly impossible to squeeze them all in. So this week we’ve done our best to isolate four articles that we feel are most interesting and important.

Write with all your ability!

#1 – Content Distribution

“content marketing” is a marketing buzz word, but behind the word is an important aspect of digital marketing. Website’s can no longer perform (or at least most can’t) at the top of their game in search engines without a certain level of content generation. Too many businesses focus their time on writing the content, but not on then distributing it. After all the time spent writing a really great article, what’s the point if it’s not distributed and people don’t get the read it? This topic was approached on and a number of people have weighed in their views, it’s a good read.

#2 – Getting Interviewed

Not every business has a large budget for online marketing, but this doesn’t mean you cannot amplify your product or service into the public. One of the strongest ways to do this is to get interviewed on a popular website. Imagine you’re a wedding photographer and a popular website about weddings interviews you – chances are you’ll get incredible exposure in a place where the target audience is just perfect. Getting into a position of being interviewed isn’t easy, but this article takes a stab at assisting you with some insight in how to get interviewed by popular blogs.

#3 – LinkedIn Publishing Analysed

If you’re a regular LinkedIn user you’ll have noticed that they have rolled out their publishing platform and that a lot of people are taking advantage of it. It was a long time coming and now we’re trying to establish what people are publishing and what is working best so we can achieve the most value from our hard work. OkDork have published an article on this very topic where they analysed the 3,000 most successful LinkedIn publishing posts. This is an action packed post that covers things such as how long your article titles should be, whether you should use visuals in your articles and a great deal more (this is a long but hugely valuable and packed with useful graphs!).

#4 – Great Visual Resources

Not to give a spoiler or anything for the LinkedIn information above, but the conclusion about visual impact is that it is very important. On that note, Social Media Examiner has published a lovely article that showcases 8 visual content apps that you can use to create stunning images. The article provides lots of useful resources to free stock photograph websites, colour palette pickers and much more.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend!

KLM connects people through the perfect High Five

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KLM and the Dutch-based advertising agency Eigen Fabrikaat embarked on a campaign that aimed to unite people across the ocean. To do this they created two live interactive outdoor installations that allowed people in New York to connect with people in Amsterdam. The two screens used HD video and audio technology to encourage a spontaneous interaction between two complete strangers that are 5793 KM apart. Each screen was equipped with a camera, touch screen and a speaker.

The strangers were then told that if they completed the perfect high five, at the same time they would each win a return flight to the others city. This task encouraged thousands of strangers to work together to achieve a simple sounding task in order to receive a fantastic prize.

Dimitri Hubregtse and Michael Kouwenhoven, creatives at Eigen Fabrikaat, stated that “The power of the high five lies in the spontaneous character of this worldwide gesture. But we soon learned that making the perfect high five is not as easy as it sounds. So when the high five is indeed executed perfectly, you feel it straight away! That shared emotion was a perfect foundation for a game that crosses borders.”

In the past KLM have provided us with fantastic examples of great digital campaigns and they definitely haven’t disappointed this time around. Past campaigns include KLM: Live Reply and KLM:Suprise. It really is fantastic to see a company use technology to unite complete strangers in such a way that it creates a little bit of magic.

Predicting The Future Of SEO Results

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These days every man and his dog claims to be a digital agency offering any skill found under the sun. We often see SEO being offered by development houses as an after thought where it is an up-selling tactic rather than a service in which they truly hold expertise in. While there are a handful of agencies that are the exception, we often have clients come to us who are unhappy with their SEO results, and after a quick glance, we can see that whoever was doing their SEO simply didn’t have a clue as some of the basics aren’t even covered such as poor title tags, no sitemap, poor indexation, no goals setup, and the list can go on and on.

This post isn’t to rag on about what other people do. No, this post is to showcase how iMod Digital does things differently to ensure that all of our clients get our utmost attention, and the best return for their money.

At iMod Digital, we have created an in-house tool which helps us predict traffic volumes, for both total traffic, as well as organic traffic, going forward with impeccable accuracy. Now, we don’t want to give away too much, but what we do want to share with you is what this means for our clients. It means that at any point of the month we can see how the website did the previous month, how it is doing this month up until the date in question, and then our software predicts how the site will do for the rest of the month in comparison to the previous month, amongst a number of other aspects.

This beautifully crafted piece of intelligent software means that our clients get something that is truly unique in the SEO industry: proactive action rather than reactive panic.

At iMod Digital we take great pride in the results that we have achieved for our clients and will continue to focus on providing the best possible service available so as to ensure that your company gets the best return possible with your Digital Marketing and SEO efforts.

Take a look at the results we achieved for a client within the property industry.

Trending Tuesday: iPhone 6 to be announced today

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The day of the iPhone 6 announcement is finally here and I know many of you have been waiting in anticipation. The announcement is set to take place at 19:00 p.m CAT and 10:00 a.m PDT.  Many rumors have suggested that we should expect two new iPhones to be announced, the first is the smaller 4.7 inch device and the second will be the larger 5.5 inch device. Along with the announcement of the iPhone 6, Apple are also rumored to be giving the world its first sneak peek at its wearable device which we are told to expect in two sizes.

If you would like to watch the live event unfold click here.

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google trends 9 September

We would like to congratulate Marin Cilic & Serena Williams on winning the U.S. Open yesterday.

US open 2014

Meme Monday: Success Kid

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For those of you that are a little more internet savvy and understand what a meme is, I can guarantee that you encounter a number of them every single day. They are everywhere, with thousands of different inside jokes, but I bet you know very little about how they actually come about. No clue? Thought so.

Introducing: Success Kid


Now, I am sure you have seen this little guys face plastered across your news feed a number of times, but have no idea who he is. Say hello to Sam Griner. Sammy wasn’t even a year old when his Mom, Laney Griner, snapped a picture of him at the beach with sand in his hand in 2007. She initally tagged the picture “Why I oughta…” but of course the internet had different plans for it. Today this meme is known as “Success Kid” and is a universal symbol of achieving something no matter how big or small.





Apparently Virgin Media purchased image usage rights so that they can use the image on billboards in the UK, but I couldn’t find any pictures of it up yet. Here is the little guy 5 years later.


If this kid isn’t awesome enough, how about watching the interview Mashable did with him and his mom, or go and take a read of the AMA Laney did on Reddit. #Winning

The age of wearable technology

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Trending spotting is a difficult task, in fact, it’s almost impossible to pick up on a trend before it becomes a trend these days because of the Internet and the way information travels so quickly. A technology that has boomed in 2014 is that of wearable technology – it may have boomed online and in the States, but it’s yet to become a really integrated part of our lives here in South Africa, and even the world. We are almost there and would imagine that 2015 will truly be the year of wearable technology.

Wearable Technology Trends

Wearable Technology

We’ve all seen a myriad of articles on Nike’s various wearable technologies and talks of Apple’s iWatch and then all the discussion around Google Glass. But these are just the most commonly shared and seen items online, there are thousands of different devices.

If you’re interested in this subject, the following video, slide deck and associated links will boost you along into the world of wearable technology.

The Future of Wearable Technology

Some other interesting resources:

It won’t be long until we’re all even more plugged in that we currently are!

Friday Findings: Catching up on digital!

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It’s been an incredibly busy week, full of lots of news. Most of the news has been covered on a number of websites so we’re going to look at a few articles that we believe won’t have been as widely spread by now.

Digital News

First up, travel/accommodation disrupter, AirBnb. Several years ago, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia were struggling financially and as a solution they decided to turn their loft into a space that they could rent out to make some additional income. Craigslist appeared too impersonal so they decided to build their own website and so Airbnb was born. Here’s a fantastic write up on their journey, there’s a LOT to be learnt here:

In last week’s Friday Findings we talked about Google removing Exact Match from their keyword targeting functions and just like “(not provided)” this has caused a great deal of discussion on the Internet in various digital circles. Moz founder Rand Fishkin, today, did a Whiteboard Friday on how to move past this. Here is the video:

We’re managing the SEO for a client who has hired a social media manager. In a meeting with the client and the social media manager we investigated the current social media channels and were very interested to see that there was X hundred likes from people in India. We immediately investigated this further and agreed that one of their previous providers must have done something underhanded to get said likes. Their social media manager is now working with us to remove the likes and run some interesting campaigns to attract some more fans to the page. If you find a problem like this, be sure to read this article on how to remove fake Facebook fans.

Google has announced the launch of callouts for Google Ads, “Callouts show valuable information to potential customers before they click your ad; while also being a factor in Ad Rank. Use them to draw attention to important product details and benefits. Or highlight what makes your business different from your competitors.” You can read more about them here, and there is an example below:

Google AdWords Callout

As you can see, there’s been a great deal of news and this post doesn’t even capture half of it, but we feel these are important matters for inspuration and/or company’s looking to stay up to date with what’s happening in the land of inbound marketing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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