Friday Findings – Long Weekend

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With a long weekend in South Africa, it’s the perfect time to catch up on everything that has been happening in the world of digital marketing. To assist you with this, we’ve hand picked several articles that we have found valuable and hope that you will too:

  1. [Mobile] Google rolled out their mobile algorithm update just a few days ago and after months of panick, we now need to access the aftermath of Mobilegeddon. This article details the outcome.
  2. [Podcast] Oli Gardner (you should know him) has a podcast and in his latest podcast he talks through converting in the top 2% of all landing pages with John Bonini, a HubSpot partner.
  3. [Content] Legend, Sujan Patel, takes a stab at what content marketing will be like in 2020. It’s a short read, but a good read.
  4. [SEO] Keyword Research, two words that every SEO knows is incredibly important. The difficulty with keyword research is that people rush it and in doing so, the results are often poor. 58 experts weigh in on what the best tools are for doing your research.
  5. [Social] Buzzing and cluttered news feeds on Facebook are familiar to all of us. But what if you could filter things and customise your feeds to your liking? Good news is that you can, with Social Fixer you’re presented with a long list of features that allow you to taylor your experience on Facebook.
  6. [Social] If you attend a lot of events and you’ve wondered about live-tweeting at the events but aren’t completely sure how, then this article will bring you up to speed on how to do it in a way that will bring value to your business.
  7. [Social] Sorry for all the social media links, but there’s a lot happening in that space and it would be incorrect of us not to include these. Whilst Google’s been head down launching their Mobilegeddan, Facebook are changing their algorithm updates too and it’s important to take note of the changes.
  8. [PPC] Ever wondered how you could drive something into viral mode with PPC? This article will give you some tips and tricks on how to do this.
  9. [PPC] It’s time to give your AdWords account some attention and there’s a great Webinar that will give you 8 bidding hacks to assist you in doing so.
  10. [Analytics] Google Analytics is one of the most powerful places to spend time when it comes to your website and marketing efforts. In an article by George Passwater, we learn 5 ways to find content marketing opportunities within Google Analytics.
  11. [Freebies] The Next Web have just published a great article which offers us 300 free things to stock up our resources. From business and marketing to SEO to design and code, there’s a bit of everything for everyone!
 Have a great long weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday for a Teaching Tuesday update!
Advertising Joke

Play Old Spice’s Nature Adventure Game On Twitch

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Categories: Thunder Thursday

Old Spice have launched a game on Twitch, which is an online platform where you can broadcast live streams for anyone to watch, that allows viewers to control a real human being. Players of the game were asked to use the sites chat feature to send live commands for the “nature man” to perform.  In order to capture the “nature man” performing his tasks, a live streaming web cam was set up. The players of the game then had to work together to unlock achievements or new adventures for the nature man to partake in. Old Spice’s Nature Adventure game lasted 3 days and was played out in a forest from April 16th to April 18th.

Old Spice Nature Adventure Game

The company explains that “This man we have placed in the bounteous grandeur of nature is contractually obligated to do everything you, and millions of other Internet users, tell him to do.”

Here is a highlight from one of the games that were played out where the Nature Man is confroted with a work desk and then asked to call the IT Guy

If you would like to see more highlights then follow this link.


Meme Monday: Batman vs Superman

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With the recent launch of the latest Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, it was only a matter of time before we got the views from across the internet adding to the debate of Batman or Superman. Or, on the other hand, the internet just taking the mickey out of one scene…

Tell me: do you bleed?

Then obviously someone decided that they should be at peace and not be fighting – a little more than just at peace.

Filtering your social media easily

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Categories: Social Media and Teaching Tuesday

It is without a doubt that social media has added huge value to our lives, but in and amongst this it has also added a great deal of information that we might not want to see. Platforms such as Facebook do allow us to friend/unfriend people or create lists, but sometimes you have a friend who shares information you want to but, but also shares a lot of information you don’t want to see and it is thus difficult to manage this information. You hear people complaining about baby photographs the whole time, but what if a person who shares these photographs also shares incredible information that you want to see? Unfriending them won’t be an option, nor will putting them in a quiet list be. So how do we filter this?

Social Fixer

Let us introduce you to Social Fixer – Social Fixer is a Google Chrome extension that gives you a great deal of control over Facebook. Here are some of the features:

  • Filter your newsfeed by keyword, author, etc.
  • Create a tabbed news feed for organising your content.
  • Hide various parts of Facebook that get in the way.
  • Hide posts that you’ve already read.
  • Change the news feed to showing the latest posts rather than algorithm influenced posts.

These are just 5 of the many features that some with this extension. We’ve installed it on our side, used a few of the built in features but have also spent a lot of time refining the list of keyword filters to ensure that nonsense posts are kept invisible to us so we can focus on the important posts. This has saved us a great deal of productivity time.

Instantly install Social Fixer by clicking here.


Friday Findings: Steered by Twitter

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This week for Friday Findings we wanted to mix things up a little, instead of sharing articles we’ve read through the week from various websites we’re going to share articles tweeted by credible digital marketers from around the world. There’s a mixed bag here, so have a read of the topics and choose the ones that peak your interest most:

  1. [SEO / Mobile] With the Google Mobile Update just around the corner, this short article details the most important aspects.
  2. [Search] Do you use Google My Business? Of course you do! Here’s an article on how to optimise your profile image.
  3. [eCommerce] For the eCommerce folks, here’s an article about 50 eCommerce experts and their best advise.
  4. [PPC] 5 Trick to implement into your PPC strategy this year, read more.
  5. [Extension] The free SimiliarWeb extension for Chrome shows you in-depth website engagement, traffic sources and rankings.
  6. [Thank you] If you’re reading this one, we’d just like to thank you for taking the time to read our blog posts.
  7. [Social] How is Google+ really doing? We shared this a couple of days ago, but if you missed it you can read it here.
  8. [Search] Google are testing commercialised answer boxes, read about them now.
  9. [Tool] Read This Thing.. An interesting service that shows you only one interesting piece of content a day.
  10. [Mobile] The future of mobile is search, click here to read an interesting article.

Very true:

Dove Ad Shows Women That They Can Choose Beauty

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Categories: Thunder Thursday

If you were given the choice to describe yourself as “Beautiful” or “Average” what would you choose? Dove’s latest campaign #ChooseBeautiful aims to encourage women to reconsider how they see themselves daily and to make the choice to see themselves as beautiful. According to a recent survey over 95% of women said they wouldn’t choose the word beautiful to describe themselves, although 80% said they could see something beautiful about themselves. This is why Dove have decided to challenge women all over the world to re-evaluate their self image and to choose to be beautiful.

“Women make thousands of choices each day — related to their careers, their families, and, let’s not forget, themselves,” Dove have said in a statement. “Feeling beautiful is one of those choices that women should feel empowered to make for themselves, every day.”

Dove Choose Beautiful campaign

In order to get their message across Dove put up signs in entrances to shops asking women to choose to walk through the door with the sign “Beautiful” or the one with the sign “Average”. These signs could be found in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo. As to be expected most of the women choose to walk through the Average door rather than let the world see that they acknowledge their beauty. What is interesting to note is that a lot of the women who chose the Average door, then questioned their choice later and stated that if they had to make the choice again, they would walk through the beautiful door.

The campaign surprisingly saw a fair amount of backlash, with many people feeling that the campaign was superficial as it forces women to put themselves into two distinct characteristics, Beautiful or Average, rather than allowing them to choose between whether or not they see themselves as funny, kind or intelligent. Thus forcing women to feel that if they don’t see themselves as beautiful then they are Average (which Dove have implied as a negative word, but it actually isn’t).

Nina Funnell at the Daily Telegraph has stated  ”Instead of dismantling a toxic culture that makes women feel bad about themselves, Dove simply keeps pointing out how terrible it is that women feel like crap, before guilt-tripping those exact same women even further, for daring to have such low self-esteem,” She then went on to write that. ”It’s a never-ending cycle.”

What did you think of the campaign? Do you feel like it empowered you to see your self as beautiful, or do you feel like it forced you to see yourself as either beautiful or average with no in between?

Google Webmaster Tools’ New Search Analytics

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Categories: SEO and Teaching Tuesday

Last week we started to receive information about a new inclusion inside Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools has always been neglected by people as everyone always focuses on Google Analytics, but at the end of the day the two pieces of software offer completely different services, each of which are very important.

The new Search Analytics is going to look like this:

This is going to be such a useful inclusion and on top of that, the fact that we can see that there are filtering options means that we’re going to have even more control over which search queries are providing us with great traffic. On top of that, we’ll be able to see which queries are resulting in desktop traffic or mobile traffic along with their estimated positions and click through rates!

Unfortunately, this new feature is only available to those who are part of the beta testing group, so if you aren’t part of it you’ll have to wait for the full rollout.

Friday Findings: Moaaaar Emooi’s!

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Here at iMod Digital we’re big fans of AMA’s. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything and it’s a popular term used on the Internet. On, they have an AMA section where anybody can say, “Hello, I am Bruce, VP of XYZ, AMA” – meaning that Bruce who is a VP of a company is making himself available for any question you might have to ask. These forums give people to opportunity to ask top professionals anything that might be on their mind and it’s through these sessions that incredible insight is unlocked, often more insight than articles on the Internet provide. There have been some excellent AMA’s recently:

We hope that you can take the time to have a peak through those discussions as there really is some excellent insight.

Some other interesting topics have surfaced over the past week, we’ll give you a recap:

  • [Social Media] YouTube is going to offer Ad-Free Paid Subscriptions – read more.
  • [Social Media] Twitter users will be happy to see that they’re working on a new search experience – read more.
  • [Social Media] Do you share social media accounts? Here’s an article that shows you how to control access – read more.
  • [SEO] Google announces that Penguin and Panda still require manual pushes – read more.
  • [Mobile] iOS 8.3 has been launched and introduces more Emoji’s – read more.
  • [CRO] 32 Useful tools for conversion rate optimisation – read more.
  • [SEP] Actionable SEO copywriting tips and tricks – read more.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Biskrem’s Instagram Adventure Game

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Categories: Thunder Thursday

Biskrem, one of the top biscuit brands in Turkey, recently launched a campaign that encouraged fans to take part in an Instagram Adventure game. The adventure game played on fans dedication to the brand by asking them to save the Biskrem biscuit, by overcoming all the obstacles and bringing Biskrem together with people.

Biskrem's Instagram Adventure

The game relied heavily on users knowledge of the different features of Instagram (Photo, Video, Map, Tagging, Search and Direct Message) and then asked players to use their knowledge to complete 6 levels. The game required players to answer tricky questions, find their location, and discover secret rooms and passwords. Biskrem used 7 custom videos and visuals to lead players to one of 17 different accounts, that were created in order to provide the game with alternate endings.

Once the players had completed the game they were rewarded with a Biskrem. The game led to a 850% increase in Instagram followers and a whole lot of positive PR and comments.


Our Top 10 Workspace Competition Entries

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Categories: Office Life

A couple weeks ago we hosted a competition that asked our followers to share a photo of their workspace on our Facebook page, and then stand a chance to win R500 takealot voucher. We were extremely excited by the number of responses we saw and we would like to thank all those who entered. Just a side note the winner for this competition was drawn at random, so no hard feelings if you didn’t win this time! :)

The Workspace Competition Winner:

Winners Workspace

Our Top 10

Workspace Competition - SPCA

Workspace Competition - Multiple monitors

Workspace Competition - Coffee Shop Office

Workspace Competition - Reminder in A office

Workspace Competition - Foot warmer

Workspace Competition - Standing Desk

Workspace Competition - Vinyl desk

Workspace Competition - Matching Monitors

Workspace Competition - Figurines

Wokspace Comp - Out Of office

Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook and Google + accounts to make sure you don’t miss out on the next competition.

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