Heartbleed OpenSSL Security Flaw – What Is It?

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Last week news broke of one of the most devistating security flaws in the history of the internet – the Heartbleed Bug. Computer-security expert Bruce Schneier rated the level of the threat an 11 out of 10 which showcases how serious the threat it. However, so few people don’t actually understand what the issue is, and how it affects them.

Allow us to explain:

The Heartbleed bug is a security flaw which allows communcications to be intercepted between secure connections using the OpenSSL protocol. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and any website which has a little padlock within the address bar will more than likely use this technology as it is one of the most widely used security protocols today. How does this affect you? Well, it means that essentially hackers can gain access to any communication from a website that is using this protocol such as usernames, passwords, banking details, credit card numbers, personal information etc. This one is serious folks. Below is an image that explains which services are affected and what data might be at risk. We don’t have any word yet on any South African banks, but we will update this post if we hear anything further.


LastPass has created a tool that allows you to check if a website has been affected by the Heartbleed bug – test out any website you use regularly and make sure that you are safe! I have tested the majority of South African banks and to be honest, the only site that came back saying that it was definitely safe was FNB.

If you want to read a more technical analysis on how the bug was discovered you can head on over to Business Insider.

Trending Tuesday: 15-4-14

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It’s Tuesday folks and that means we dive into the hashtags that are currently trending in South Africa, and who is gaining the most followers in the Twittersphere.

Trending Hashtags In South Africa

Top 5 Increase in Twitter Followers for the Week

Meme Monday: Cranky Frankie

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This week, we are taking a look at a fresh meme that we noticed started popping up last week. It is called Cranky Frankie.

Here is the original picture:


and here are some of the meme’s that we have seen around it.





Hopefully your Monday hasn’t made you a Cranky Frankie.

Friday Findings: South African Sites Getting Hit Hard?

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Over the last three or four weeks we have noticed that there have been a number of South African sites being nailed by Google for various reasons. We found an example of two major players in their respective industries that have taken a hard hit and been punished severelly. We don’t want to name the brands as we aren’t going to be that type of a company, but we keep our eyes and keyboards very close to the ground across a number of industries and verticals to make sure that we are right on top of trends and news in terms of the digital marketing arena.

Interestingly enough, both brands have not released any form of statement acknowledging that they no longer rank for anything, including their own brand terms. However, if this was a US or UK based company, there would have been a very public shaming festival happening. Anyone remember JC Penny or Rap Genius anyone? We are not trying to point the finger at brands or any SEO agency, we are merely pointing out the fact that it seems all of a sudden more South African sites are getting hit as if Google is turning their attention to South Africa. Below is an image showing how one of the brands suddenly lost their rankings.

Naughty, naughty. Remember to make sure that if you are using an SEO agency that they are always up front with you about any tactics that they use and if any of those tactics are potentially risky. Organic means natural and no SEO company should be doing anything other than that.

 Reading Resources

  1. Link audit guide for effective link removals – Moz Blog
  2. Rumours of “not provided” in AdWords unfounded – WordStream
  3. 21 User activation hacks you need to know – Growth Hacking Pro
  4. True Facebook page post reach experiment – Jon Loomer
  5. Schema.org best practices guide - State of Digital


Thunder Thursday: Game of Thrones #BringDownTheKing

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The new season of Game of Thrones has started and social websites were buzzing with excitement from all the fans. Their hopes for a great season has been fulfilled as many status updates reported that the first episode was excellent.

Leading up to the airing of the new season, a medieval meets modern activation called Bring Down the King was launched in New Zealand. Making use of Twitter and a #BringDownTheKing hashtag, Twitter users were able to send tweets and each time a tweet was sent, a statue of King Joffrey was lowered in the middle of town square!

Here is a teaser video:

Watch the King fall!

Thousands and thousands of tweets have been sent, the last one was just 32 minutes ago, have a look at the Twitter stream.

Working Wednesday: Blogging and bouncing

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Once we week we have the opportunity to reflect on something that’s going on at the office. This week there are two things that we wanted to share with you if you haven’t picked up on them already.

  1. Reviving our blog
  2. #HarveytheHacky

Last week we sat down and decided on a blog schedule, our blog had become heavily under utilised and we want to change that. So, we’re going to do our best to publish posts on a regular basis, that will be once a day if all goes to plan, but please remember that we have to put our client’s work first, so we might miss one here or there whilst we’re performing awesomeness! A lot of debate went into the topics and we’ve tried to find a middle ground between offering up some interesting and useful information within the digital marketing industry as well as some light reading between those more detailed posts. We really hope that you’re going to enjoy the change so please stay posted and let us know what you think.

Harvey the Hacky is our crazy little mascot who’s going to be joining us for #subdayfriday’s and will pop up in strange places around Cape Town. We’ve identified who he is, and from Friday we’ll be snapping a picture of him doing something crazy.


That’s it for today!

Trending Tuesday: Peaches Geldof

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Every Tuesday we are going to have a look at some social media statistics and find out what the latest “haps” is. Err…for those of you who don’t know what that means, it means that every Tuesday we are going to look at what is trending in the social sphere of the internet around South Africa. Top 10 Trends on Twitter

Below are the top 10 South African accounts which gained the most followers last week.

Meme Monday: I’m an expert

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If you haven’t seen this video yet, then it was probably only a matter of time. The I’m An Expert video has been racing around the Internet for the past week or two giving everyone a really good laugh, especially those who deal with customers on a regular basis. It’s been incredibly interesting to watch this video go viral, just take a look at these statistics:

By the shape of the graph, one could quite comfortably assume that there’s still quite a bit of growth to be seen before it tapers off.

A good seven and a half minutes of laughter, enjoy:

Findings Friday: Matt Cutts says porn sites are popular

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Categories: PPC and SEO

Every Friday we write about things that have come up in the inbound/search marketing world that we feel are interest, important or worth sharing. This week we’ve got some good bits and pieces of news to share with you, so grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy.

Larry Kim, the founder of Wordstream, a highly trusted and respected search marketing company that builds search marketing software and provides managed PPC advertising services, was welcomed onto the inbound.org forums in a popular AMA (Ask Me Anything). Some really great questions were asked and if you have some free time it’s worth digging through them.

This is definitely the best quote of the week: “The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of the Google search results.

This week Matt Cutts discussed an interesting question posed by AJ Kohn, “How do you separate simple popularity from true authority”. The interesting thing that is put forward is that porn sites are popular because a lot of people visit them, but no a lot of people link to them, and how on the other hand, a lot of people link to government websites, but not as many go to them. Google wants the government websites to have authority, but porn sites not so much. The video is worth having a watch of, it’s only 3 minutes long:

Finally, if that’s not enough and you want to read more, here are 200 tips that OkDork used to grow themselves by 200%.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Yours in search,
The iMod Digital Team

Thunder Thursday: Happy Beer Time

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It’s almost Friday and of course, beer ‘o clock is on the mind for a lot of us. What better way to introduce a fantastic social activation by Carlsberg: Happy Beer Time.

The premise is straight forward, but the result is just excellent. Carlsberg supplies bars with USB drives that plug into the bar’s already existing television. Whilst Happy Beer Time is running, everyone in the bar gets great deals on beers whilst the count down timer commences. But it doesn’t stop there, each time a person at the bar snaps a photograph and publishes it to Instragram with the hashtag #HappyBeerTime, their photograph is published to the television AND additional time is added to the count down timer.

This is best shown in a video:

The more photographs published, the longer the timer takes, the more the crowd can drink at a discount and the more publicity Carlsberg and the bar gets!

Brilliant offline to online activation.

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