Teaching Tuesday: All About The Data – Meghan Trainor Parody

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Although today is Teaching Tuesday, we’re going to change things a little and share a video with you that is a parody of Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass which looks into data. It’s quite a funny one:

We enjoyed it, hope you did too!

And from this, came this:

Dads React To Zyn Malik Leaving One Direction – Brilliant

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There were only two main news events last week – everything else was secondary. For some, the Germanwings plane crash didn’t even register due to the terrible heartbreak and trauma that they experienced with their beloved Zayn Malik leaving One Direction. Teenage girls everywhere didn’t know what to do as their world collapsed.

There was something good to come from this though – the fact that we got to witness these awesome responses from Dad’s whole clearly don’t really give a pigs tail about it all.


Friday Findings: More on mobile!

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The biggest topic last week was around the announcement of April 21st being the day that Google is going to start rolling out its mobile algorithms for websites that are not mobile-friendly. Google community manager, Stacie Chan announced that rankings in Google News will not be affected by the mobile-friendly algorithm update, but nothing has been said about natural listings. What we do know is that the algorithm is said to take a few days, perhaps even a week, so we don’t foresee a sudden burst of fluctuations, but don’t take that as an “it’s not important”!

On a more social note, we were asked the other day for some suggestions about social media monitoring tools, here are 5 tools worth exploring:

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Social Mention
  3. Talkwalker
  4. Mention
  5. Topsy

Other tools are Buzzsumo, Brand24 and PinAlert. You can Google those ones if you’re interested.

For the designers and developers who follow us, we’ve got something for you. There’s a really useful html5 cheat sheet here.

We’re keeping things short and sweet today, it’s time for the weekend!

Hat tip Search Engine Land for the photograph

Oreo Uses The Solar Eclipse For Their Latest Marketing Campaign

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Though this years Solar Eclipse did not affect us, it really seemed to have a large impact on the digital world, not only were tons of memes created but brands such as Oreo, Pepsi and Playstation UK also took the opportunity to capitalize on this iconic event.

Oreo UK went all out and created an outdoor campaign called , which used a number of different media to bring the campaign to life. They used  data from the Royal Astronomical Society to track the movements of the sun and moon, this data was then mirrored in real-time via different outdoor mediums to create an Oreo Eclipse. One of the outdoor campaigns was the billboard that showed the movement of the sun and the moon by using Oreo cookies. The campaign also relied heavily on campaign promoted tweets via Twitter.


By far the best and most unique part of the campaign, was Oreo’s collaboration with The Sun newspaper  (we wonder if the pun was intended) which bough about the creation of the first ever translucent newspaper cover. In order to achieve the effect that was desired,  the wrap was printed in black. The cover which was created by Oreo’s global advertising agency FCB Inferno and content agency Drum, was distributed across 50000 retailers and was placed in more than 2 million copies.

Oreo Eclipse translucent sun cover

Jonathan Holden, marketing manager, Oreo said :  “We want Oreo to be an even more iconic brand in the UK. Playfully putting it at the centre of a moment where the whole country will be looking in the same direction makes this idea the perfect fit with that ambition.”

Is this clever marketing or what? We are really loving this whole  “Reactvertising” thing that all the big brands seem to be doing now a days, and we can’t wait to see companies taking the idea further and further.

Internet Cant Take The Eclipse Seriously

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and then a fake picture from space just to round things up.

Teaching Tuesday: Google’s official SEO statements

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The digital marketing industry, like many other industries, consists of a lot of fly by night agencies and freelancers. Time and time again we hear of people paying a few thousand Rand a month for SEO and upon inspecting their websites, we can see right away that what they’re getting is worth a few thousand Rand.. because they’re really not getting anything. We don’t have enough fingers to count the number of times we’ve looked at websites and seen the most simplest of things still broken.

Google has several official statements about SEO, published on their knowledge base.

#1 Be wary of SEO providers that email you out of the blue.

80% of people will have received an email offering SEO services for unbeatable prices. “Dear Sir, I have looked at your website and you do not have top rankings, we can get you top rankings”. Google has officially stated that you should be incredibly wary of these emails. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

#2 We guarantee #1 rankings on Google

Anyone who guarantee’s a number 1 ranking on Google is lying. End of story. People / Agencies do not have special relationships with Google nor do they have special software that can get you to number 1. With Google changing its algorithms so quickly, you simply cannot be promised a number 1 position ranking.

#3 Submit and get lots of links

This is probably one of the biggest SEO myths ever created. There is no easy way of getting high quality links that will provide longevity. Gone are the days of submitting your website to directories and getting links, gone are the days of article spinning and gone are the days of reciprocal link exchanges. Link building has become highly involved and if you do not do it correctly, you could end up in a position where your website no longer ranks after an algorithm update. There’s a reason companies have popped up around the world with the single purpose of helping people get their website unbanned by Google.. bad links will have an incredibly negative long term affect on your website. And your great cheap link building deal will end up costing you an arm and a leg to fix.

There are 8 further things that Google wants people to look out for when it comes to working with an SEO freelancer or agency:

  1. Using shadow domains.
  2. Putting links on their other client’s websites.
  3. Offering to sell keywords.
  4. Not differentiating between actual search results and ads that appear in the search.
  5. Guaranteeing rankings and then ranking obscure long-tail keywords.
  6. Operating with false WHOIS information.
  7. Getting traffic from fake search engines and spyware.
  8. Has had domains removed from Google’s index or isn’t indexed itself.
One thing we’d like to add is: If you’re paying for Google AdWords, this does not have any effect on where you rank. The two practises (PPC and SEO) are completely different. Where there is benefit from the two, is when you optimise your landing pages correctly, which means that your advert quality score will drop.

These are all statements taken directly from Google’s website – it’s important to note these things to ensure that when you work with an SEO agency or freelancer, that they are practising ethical SEO and not trying to lower their prices to rope you in, only to steal your money and leave you with a big problem.

Further reading: 10 SEO Myths.

Findings Friday: It’s all about the mobile, mobile

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Right now, in the world of search, everything is about mobile. Article after article after article has been published and we’re all waiting for a huge clamp down from Google within their algorithms to ensure that website’s with good mobile experiences are put at the forefront of searches. This doesn’t really come as a surprise as we all know that mobile is so important, but it doesn’t help that the deadline is April 21. If you take SEO seriously, as you should, then this is something you need to jump onto quickly.

Before you read further, just head on over to Google’s Mobile Testing Tool and run your website through it to see if it’s mobile friendly or not. If your website doesn’t pass, you need to speak to your web designer / developer and get them to quote you on building a mobile version of the website or loading up a decent plugin such as WPTouch ($59).

Here are some articles to bring you up to speed with all things mobile SEO:

This is something to take seriously, if your website isn’t optimised for mobile devices you’re going to feel the pinch!

The Pepsi Challenge Is Challenging You To “Live For Now”

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For its 40th anniversary Pepsi have decided to bring back the Pepsi Challenge, which originally took place in the 80′s. This time however Pepsi has decided to enlist brand ambassadors, such as Usher, Serena Williams, James Rodriguez and Usain Bolt, to participate in each challenge. The Pepsi Challenge will start running in March and will run until the end of the year. Each month a new challenge will be released on social media, all challenges will try to get consumers to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do and to “Live For Now”.   Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo’s global bevarges group stated that “We’ve taken the DNA of the Pepsi challenge, then reinterpreted it for a new generation”

Taste Life Differently - Pepsi Challenge

Each challenge will be unique and can involve challenges in music, design, sports or technology and will run globally.  PepsiCo Global Beverages Group chief marketing officer Kristin Patrick said  “The challenges will ask consumers to do things, submit things, it could be a piece of writing, a selfie, the range will be from challenging to things anyone can do.”

The campaign was created in order to help Pepsi expand it Global presence, Pepsi also hopes to help make the campaign more local by giving each region a unique campaign. A good example of this, is in the fact that Pepsi will be challenging India to create their own advert for Pepsi, the advert will be shown during this year’s Indian Premier League cricket. Carla Hassan, PepsiCo’s chief marketing officer for the Middle East and Africa region said “At the end of the day, people connect with things that are really personal to them.”

The campaign is also taking on a unique charitable aspect where $1 will be donated to Liter Of Light whenever someone uses the  hashtag #PepsiChallenge. The Liter of Light organisation aims to provide light to communities that do not have light.


Creating a Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign

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Over the past few weeks we’ve noticed that a lot of people aren’t aware of how to go about creating a remarketing campaign in Google AdWords. For those who are familiar with the term but uncertain as to what it is, remarketing allows you to show Google adverts to people who’ve already performed an action on your website.

Here are some examples:

  • Show tablet banners to people who’ve looked at the tablets page on your website.
  • Show banners to people who added products to their cart on your site but didn’t purchase.
  • Show banners to people who viewed a specific product on your page but didn’t purchase it.
  • etc
  • etc

The options are endless, but so is the return on investment. Think about it for a second, how about this scenario: A person comes to your website and they add a few products to their cart but they never check out. It could be a number of reasons but one reason might be that there’s a high delivery charge. Imagine whilst, clicking around the Internet, they saw a banner for your site that included a coupon for free delivery.. they may easily click that banner and arrive at the checkout process, this time there’s free delivery! That got your mind running didn’t it? :)

The process for setting up a remarketing campaign is not difficult, but Google’s layout and supporting documentation complicates it in our opinion. What should take no more than 20 minutes ends up potentially putting someone off because it’s not explained well. The process goes like this:

  1. Create a Google AdWords account.
  2. Choose a new campaign and select display network only.
  3. Upload your banners accordingly to an AdGroup.
  4. Go to Shared Library on the left, then Audience and create an audience (list).*
  5. Finally, assign said list to your AdGroup.
  6. Don’t forget to add your remarketing tag to your website, this is like adding your Google Analytics tracking code.
So in other words you’ve created a list of people and assigned it to a campaign (AdGroup). This means that everyone in this list has shown an interest in Tablets on your website and therefore we want the banners in the AdGroup to appear to them only.

* An audience (list) is a group of people based on similarities. For example, you could create an audience called “tablets” and then set up rules that add people to this list provided they’ve been to the Tablets page on your website.

Important Notes: Dynamic remarketing is not available in South Africa so don’t select that option. Even though AdWords makes you think you need to, just don’t because it’ll end up wasting hours of your time and creating more confusion than anything! We also suggest creating all of this inside Google AdWords, doing it through Google Analytics could easily confuse you further.

Google Resources:

Meme Monday: Kim Jong-Un Bends Over

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I don’t think the Great Leader should be seen in public for a while as every time he makes an appearance, the internet just does what it does best, and tears him to shreds. Witness the power of Photoshop below.

This is the original image. This is where the glory all started from.

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