Social Media

With millions of people using social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn on a daily basis, social media marketing has quickly become part of any marketing mix. People talk and engage with companies and brands constantly on social networks and as a company you need to be part of that conversation. Not only does it allow you to engage with your audience but it also plays an important role in Search Engine Optimisation.

Social media marketing is a practice that takes clear vision. Although it may seem easy to create a Facebook Page or Twitter account and get right to it, a common flaw for companies is to jump into social media engagement without a clear strategy or brand guide.

Once all your colleagues have been invited to your social channels, the number of likes and followers will stop and the page will become stagnant. It’s at this point that a social media account becomes pointless, and in many cases ends up damaging reputation.

iMod Digital offers powerful insights into how to manage a social media account and even offers to run your social media accounts for you so you can concentrate on more important matters.

We have many years of experience working on and with social networks and have found a 5-step process that works. Following these 5 steps allows a company to establish a footprint, engage accordingly and achieve their goals.

This is our process in a nutshell:

  • Plan: Define objectives and decide on which social networks to use.
  • Brand: Design the social profiles accordingly.
  • Maintain: Keep the social profiles active.
  • Innovate: Use strategic actions to acquire loyal followers.
  • Measure: Understand what is happening on the social profile and adjust accordingly.

Let us help you embrace social media!