Over the years we've partnered with some incredible companies and entrepreneurs. This has allowed us to do some of our best work and we're incredibly grateful to have been recognised by it. Here are some testimonials that have been written about us.

Mike Stopforth, Founder and CEO of Cerebra.

Mike Stopforth"There's no doubt SEO is a very intricate science, and in this world Chris and the iMod team are the Einsteins. It's very rare that you meet someone with such a deep technical understanding of the digital space who can translate that complexity into "normal English" and business results, but Chris and his team do both. Their entire process is slick, professional, quick and results-driven. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Daniek Rose, Online Sales and Marketing Manager @ The Pepper Club.
Daniek Rose"What a pleasure it was to work with IMOD Digital! IMOD took on the huge task of redesigning Pepperclub Hotel & Spa's website. Not being a website guru the redesign process was rather daunting but Chris turned it in to a pleasant experience, guiding me along the way, supplying valuable knowledge and recommendations and reassuring me that everything is under control and that it was. IMOD kept their professionalism throughout the project and went the extra mile to get the end product looking like it does, sticking to the brief, budget and deadlines. Apart from the professionalism and the efficiency of the company they also for a warming relationship with the client making it a much more comforting and enjoyable experience.IMOD's services do not stop once the website has gone live, their post services have been great assisting us with last minute updates of the website as well as training. Thank you Chris for 'holding my hand' through this project and for the fantastic website you built for us."

Craig Yeats, Director at Enriching Life Financial Services.
Craig Yeats"Chris and iMod Digital have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Chris conducted himself professionally throughout the project, he was always available and his level of services was nothing short of amazing. Chris took the time to find out what our company was all about to ensure that our true present is felt online. I would recommend Chris to anyone, thanks for all the hard work."

Tim Powell, Director at FX Capital.
Tim Powell"Thanks Chris and iMod Digital for the work you did in revamping our company website. We found you to be very approachable and friendly in all our dealings and you made the whole exercise easy to understand and gave some good suggestions and ideas in terms of the layout and structure of the site. I would certainly recommend iMod and found iMod Digital to be professional, creative and affordable, and it really helped that Chris had a good understanding of our business and the services we offer when it came to designing the site…and of course delivered in good time."

Chileshe Chanda, Marketing Manager at The Longain Group.
Chileshe Chanda"iMod Digital have a detailed, systematic yet artistic approach in their consulting. They provided such a clarity of insight as they took on the task of bringing our website architecture and ORM management systems up to scratch. We believe that our success online and our ability to now adapt and evolve our online presence can in large part be attributed to the combination of knowledge and attitude that iMod Digital brought to this task. Their willingness to be on site and work individually with our staff members to grow their skills I believe sets them apart as an eConsultant. We'll definitely be calling on them when we're ready for the next step in our development."

Lee Zuk, Marketing and Legal Executive at Jagmethod.
Lee Zuk"Chris was very easy and friendly to work with. He understands his service extremely well and knew exactly what to ask for from us (his clients) to get the best results for the project. We were genuinely impressed with the timely and professional manner within which Chris handled every step of the process. We will without doubt be using him again in the future."

Edward Lawrence, Founder, Director of Business Development at Workonline Communications.
Edward Lawrence"Christopher took on the task of developing a large project for one of our difficult clients, and I can offer no higher recommendation than to say that the services he delivered were impeccable, and I would not hesitate to approach Christopher again for projects in his league. Chris is an honest, reliable, and result driven individual. Thanks Chris."

Lungisa Matshoba, Co-Founder at YOCO.
Lungisa Matshoba"When it comes to SEO, Christopher has shown time and time again that he has a vast passion and knowledge of the subject. From his own blog to the websites of those who he works with, Christopher is able to deliver."


Rapelang Rabana, Founder at ReKindle Learning.

Rapelang Rabana"Chris has enormous passion for everything related to the web. At a time when it is getting harder to build a web presence above the clutter, Chris keeps finding out-of-the-box strategies."




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