SEO Terms and Conditions

Introduction. This proposal constitutes an order for us to provide you with digital marketing services. This order along with our standard customer relationship terms, which are incorporated by reference, make up the agreement between us.

Duration. The agreement is valid from when you sign this proposal or we start providing the services and will continue for 6 months or until it is terminated.

The Services. We are committed to delivering ethical inbound marketing services.  We only employ those services which meet with complete approval from established search engines and comply with all search engines. In order to provide the best service we you must:

  • Provide us with any SEO related reports, audits or documents you have previously conducted
  • Inform us of any third party services be being used to assist with the traffic to the website or search engine rankings.
  • Provide us access to your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts.
  • Provide us FTP access to your site.

Fees. You must pay us the fees specified in this order on time. Fees will become due and payable once we issue an invoice, unless stated otherwise. You must pay the fees in the manner described on the invoice.

Professional Services Excluded: The fees do not include;

  • design or development fees,
  • copywriting fees, or
  • social media management services fees,

unless otherwise stated and agreed upon. We will bill for any additional costs under a separate agreement.

Confidential Information. Any strategies or tactics we disclosed to you must remain in the highest of confidence and must not be shared with any third parties unless otherwise agreed upon or requested with approval.

Right to market. We reserve the right to include a link at the bottom of the website crediting iMod Digital for the inbound marketing services we performed. We reserve the right to showcase any work performed in our portfolio.

General Disclaimer. Inbound Marketing work is governed by many factors and no reputable inbound marketing company can guarantee particular results. However, we are consistently successful in achieving improvement in a client’s website’s organic search engine results provided all of our advice is followed. We will monitor ranking results on a regular basis, which (in most cases) we base on listings in Google search results. Please keep in mind, your website’s rankings with a particular search term will rely on both the popularity of that term on other websites as well as the relevancy of the term on your pages. For any on-site changes requiredwe will require FTP or CPanel access to the website as well as access to its content management system. Should these details not be available, you must provide us with an email address for someone who is able to perform the tasks. Page up-time and load speeds are a critical factor and therefore you should host your website on a reliable server with a responsive host.