Loan Provider

Due to a non-disclosure agreement, our client needs to remain unnamed.

In February 2016 we were approach by an NCR registered credit provider to assist with their pay per click marketing through the Google search network (Google AdWords). The company was already running a campaign, but they wanted to lower their cost per conversion and then increase their budget.

At the time of taking on the work, their account had an average cost per conversion of roughly R100 and over a 6-month period we reduced the cost per conversion to roughly R65. A 35% reduction in cost per conversion allowed our client to increase their budget dramatically and take on many more conversions.

Due to the success of the campaign, we were given another project to work on. This project involved another credit based business and at the time of getting involved the cost per conversion was roughly R90 and we have successfully reduced the cost per conversion to R60, a 33% reduction in cost per conversion.

Results in summary:

  • 35% reduction in cost per conversion.
  • 20% reduction in cost per click.

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