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Joburg.co.za is a high traffic website, which was running on a legacy platform that was giving visitors to the website a very slow experience and a lot of problems. Joburg.co.za wanted to have their website rebuilt and were looking for a partner to join them on this journey. We converted the website from the legacy system to a new system and put all the measures in place to provide visitors with not only a quicker experience but a more streamlined experience. We’ve substantially reduced the load time of the website and assisted visitors in finding what they are looking for far quicker.

Along with this, we were tasked with ensuring that any domain authority previously gained would be transferred to the new website to ensure that a decrease in traffic wouldn’t happen. Following this it was our task to implement and nurture the website from a search engine optimisation point of view.

Let the results speak for themselves:

We have more than doubled the number of people coming to the website from search engines


Screenshot taken directly from Google Analytics



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