Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy

The Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy is a renowned cricket academy and state of the art facility developed through the vision of Gary Kirsten and has gone on to become one of the finest academies both locally and internationally. With this great success, the Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy needed their online presence to match their success on the field.

iMod Digital was approached by the Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy to assist them in creating greater visibility of their website in the search results, increase the visitors to the website and ultimately increase the number of inquiries the website was generating by implementing search engine optimisation.

  • Search visibility of the website increased by 400%
  • Their website saw a 77% increase in traffic brought on by search queries.
  • The Gary Kirsten website ranks in the 1st position on Google for 9 different keywords.
  • Conversions on the website increased by 300%.

Gary Kirsten Academy Statistics

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