Side projects motivate us and challenge us to stretch ourselves and through our side projects we learn invaluable skills that we inject into the work we do every day. Over the years we've worked on a number of projects, check them out below:


Run a comprehensive audit on your website and drive more traffic to your site today. Find out what is hindering your website from getting more organic visitors with just the click of a button. Use our knowledge base & easy to understand explanations to understand what it all means. Use your now search engine friendly website to draw in more search engine visitors and gain access to a much larger, organic target audience today.

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When your website goes offline it's like closing the door to your shop which means that business stops. Alert Alfred will notify you when your website goes offline so you can address the matter and get it back online.

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We want to provide a historical view of the performance of a number of South African funds so that you can see what your investment would be worth if you had invested in it a number of years ago. Too many South Africans neglect to save and invest their money properly to which IFIII is trying to provide a tool which highlights how your money can grow with the right investment.



This course has been designed to give you the knowledge to get a job as an SEO or to enhance your digital marketing skill set. We’ve geared everything towards being as practical as possible and it’s all based on our years of experience running a digital marketing agency. We’re going to teach you what we do every single day in order to achieve incredible results for our clients.

This jam-packed 21-lesson course is suited to beginners and those who have experience in SEO. The course has practical exams and you’ll receive a printed and framed certificate upon completion.

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