Design and Development Terms and Conditions

Introduction. This proposal constitutes an order for us to provide you with website development services. This order along with our standard customer relationship terms, which are incorporated by reference, make up the agreement between us.

Duration. The agreement is valid from when you sign this proposal and will continue until terminated or the project is completed and signed-off by you.

The Services. In order to provide the best service we you must:

  • Provide us with cPanel, FTP and PHPMyAdmin access to your site as necessary.
  • Provide us with full access to your hosting account.
  • Provide us with full access to your content management system if applicable.

Payment Structure. We will only commence work on your site after we have received the 50% deposit. Once the project is completed, we will only launch the website in a live environment once you have paid the remaining 50%.

Fees. You must pay us the fees specified in this order on time. Fees will become due and payable once we issue an invoice, unless stated otherwise. You must pay the fees in the manner described on the invoice. If you fail to pay the fees we reserve the right to remove any content we have created for your site until such time as the fees are fully paid.

Artwork requirements. You must supply us with any copy, images and corporate branding you want used on the site. All artwork must be in a vector or other layered format.

Maintenance and Management Excluded: The fees do not include the monthly maintenance or management services unless otherwise stated and agreed upon. We will bill for any additional maintenance or management services under a separate agreement.

Content excluded. The fees do not include any costs for content writing or photography. We will bill for any additional content creation under a separate agreement.

Trial Period. You will have 7 business days after launch to test the website and request any changes. Any changes requested after the 7-business day trial period will be billed for at an hourly rate under a separate agreement.

Updates excluded. The fees exclude any fees for us to apply any form of updates (be it for your content management system, server or anything else) to your site as well as any redevelopment work required to make the site functional if any updates are applied.

Confidential Information. Any strategies or tactics we disclosed to you must remain in the highest of confidence and must not be shared with any third parties unless otherwise agreed upon or requested with approval.

Right to market. We reserve the right to include a link at the bottom of the website crediting iMod Digital for the inbound marketing services or website development we perform. We reserve the right to showcase any work performed in our portfolio.