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Google Fred – Before it’s too late!

An algorithm update which seems to have come and past without too many people worry about it was named Fred. The name came when Google’s Gary Illyes said that all algorithm updates should be called, “Fred”. The SEO world adopted this name for the unconfirmed algorithm update.

Research suggests that the algorithm update, Fred, would target websites that have too many adverts, which messes with the user experience. Most of the websites we know well are still covered in adverts and thus we can assume that most people have assumed that the update isn’t of much threat. Well, are we fools for thinking this?

Just today, Glenn Gabe, a prominent figure in the SEO world, started sharing traffic insight screenshots of a website that is covered in adverts and does appear to have been penalised. Glenn’s been around the blog, he’ll know that this website isn’t being penalised for something else and that it’s safe to say that this is what happens when you have too many adverts on your website:

Website search traffic – SEMRush

Website search traffic – Searchmetrics

These traffic drops are absolutely destroying for any website owner and we need to keep up to date with what Google is looking at. There are a few different things that we’re seeing affecting websites at the moment, which you need to keep in mind for your own website:

A lot of websites have covered Google Fred and a simple Google search will reveal a ton of websites sharing more insight, but if you’re interested in commentary, then have a look at the SERoundTable website which has over 400 comments.