Must-have WordPress plugins for Content Marketing

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If there was ever a buzz word that everyone’s been talking about for quite some time, it’s “content marketing”. Now, sometimes “buzz word” is used to describe something that’s a hype but not really true, but in the case of content marketing, the value thereof is enormous and if you’re embarking on any form of online marketing you should be thinking about content marketing. With most of us using WordPress as our publishing platform, we’ve got a treat for you: 5 excellent WordPress plugins that will assist you with your content marketing.

Word Stats – Download

This is an exceptionally useful plugin for anyone who wants to take content marketing seriously. The plugin gives you a fantastic dashboard with a bundle of statistics around word counts, keyword counters and readability analysis.

Editorial Calendar – Download

An incredibly important aspect of publishing content with the aim of creating a journey for your audience is to use a content calendar. A content calendar shows you what needs to be published and when. Editorial Calendar is a WordPress plugin that does exactly this, just like having a Google Calendar right in the Dashboard of WordPress.

Easy Content Templates – Download

If you publish content using a specific layout on a frequent basis then you might find Easy Content Templates incredibly useful. This plugin allows you to define templates or layouts for your posts somewhat like canned responses in Gmail. You can quickly apply a template to a post and then update the content accordingly in order to create continuity across your posts.

Search Everything – Download

Out the box, WordPress’ search functionality isn’t amazing. With the inclusion of Search Everything in your tool kit you’ll be able to enhance the standard search with a suite of useful options. Include comments, tags, custom fields and the likes in the results.

ImageInject – Download

This is a clever little plugin! The concept is really simple, ImageInject allows you to search for images whilst you’re writing your blog post and insert them directly into the post. Sourcing images is often a big hassle and this plugin aims to assist you with cutting that hassle out.


We hope that you find one of these plugins useful enough to start using on your website!