Gmail extensions that will make your life better

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As of February 2016, it’s been reported that there are roughly 1,000 million activate Gmail users around the world. The graph below shows the growth:

When looking at statistics like this, it’s clear that the market for useful Gmail extensions is wide. In this post we’re going to share 5 really useful extension with you that you might never have heard of before and that are worth giving a try. There are thousands of extensions available, but these are the ones that we think aren’t too common:


This is a really useful extension if you’re worried about who’s tracking you. If you fear that senders are watching to see if you’ve received the email, this extension puts an “evil eye” next to the email in question.

Checker Plus

Have you ever wanted to be able to customise email notifications? In other words, you could choose that certain emails arrive as a push notification and others as desktop notifications. The whole idea here is to assist you in being able to act quickly to those important people in your life.


If you send a lot of emails, you’ll know how easy it is to make a small spelling or grammar mistake. Ginger assists with spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.


Repetition is common practise when it comes to email, and KeyRocket aims to assist you with making those repetitive tasks even easier by teaching you what shortcuts are available in Gmail by using subtle popups.


Do you have an extension that you can’t live without? Please leave it in the comments below and we might add it to this post.