This Week In Search: 27-5-2016

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Google’s New Serp Layout – The Winners & Losers

With the changes to the length or size of the SERPs, Larry Kim takes a look at the winners and losers.

Client Onboarding Tips For SEO Agencies

Onboarding clients is a vital part of ensuring that your relationship is a long term success. Don’t neglect this process!

Google Reveals 20 Percent Of Queries Are Voice Searches

Mobile is definitely were search is at the moment with mobile searches outstripping desktop searches in 2015, but of all of those queries, Google reveals that 20% are voice searches, while Bing says it is closer to 25%.

Can You Get Your Company Profile In The SERPs?

This LinkedIn discussion expands on a new feature that sees brands get their brand profile attached to their search results and how the knowledge graph handles this.

8 On Page SEO Principles In 2016

Let’s take things back to basics and ensure that we have these 8 on-page principles in place before

Wired’s First HTTPS Rollout Snag

Wired recently committed to moving their site to HTTPS and promised to be transparent in the process. This is a great example of demonstrating how important security is, and just how difficult it is to get right.

How To A/B Test Every Element In Your Content Strategy

A/B testing is a great way for you to gather data about which elements work vs which don’t. With SEO, having data to impact your decisions is vital and this is a great post on how to evaluate your content.



A Sneak Peak Into The New AdWords Interface

Larry Kim gives us a sneak peak into the changes coming to Google AdWords.

Google Expands Text Ads – 10 Things You Need To Know

There are changes coming to Google AdWords. Here are 10 things you need to know to stay ahead of the game.



Is Mobile Getting The Budget & Attention It Deserves?

10 years after the release of the iPhone and people still seem to be making the joke that this year is the year of mobile. Brands still don’t seem to get it…

Twitter Stops Counting Photo’s & Links In 140 Limit

Those pesky moment where you craft an amazingly funny tweet with a link and an image only to find out that your link has now taken you over the 140 character limit are now over!


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