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This Week In Search: 6-5-2016


DuckDuckGo Is Giving Away $225 000

While Google dominates the search landscape, DuckDuckGo is determined to prove that they can still make inroads in the market, and are indeed making a profit. Go DuckDuckGo!

The Ultimate Guide To HTTP/2

What the flip is HTTP/2 and how does it benefit you? Well, this new protocol will speed up the web and you need to get onboard!

Introducing Jelly: A New Type Of Search Engine

Biz Stone, one of the minds behind Twitter has launched a new type of search engine where technology meets humanity. Find answers you didn’t even know you wanted.

24 Steps To Get You Unstuck In the SERPs

Well, apart from using Serperture to see what you are still missing, you could use this infographic to try and find out why your site is stuck on page 2. Or, you could use our tool 😉

What 300+ Content Marketing Campaigns Can Teach You About Earning Links

Earning links through content isn’t easy, so why not dive into the insight that 300+ campaigns can provide?


13 Advanced AdWords Optimisation Strategies For Conversions

It’s no longer amateur hour and instead is time for some advanced tactics to get better conversions from your AdWords budget.


What Is The Best Strategy To Follow For Facebook Engagement?

This Search Engine Land group thread on LinkedIn dives into what is the best strategy to follow to achieve engagement on Facebook for your brand.


Free Responsive Office Icons

These responsive icons come in various sizes to ensure that you can use them correctly and make sure that even the icons that you use on your site are responsive. #Winning

Synthetica One Page Free Template

Who doesn’t like freebies? This one page template is a great place to start when looking to redesign your site. It’s our pleasure 😉