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This Week In Search: 29-4-2016

Search Engine Optimisation

March 2016 Google Algorithm Updates

Find out what happened with Google during the month of March with this comprehensive wrap-up post.

Hreflang – The Ultimate Guide

Country codes and different languages present a difficult challange for SEO’s. This ultimate guide from Yoast will help you understand all you need to know.

The Future of Links?

Jon Cooper has gone a little quiet in terms of the link building front, but the man is still at the top of the game and provides some fantastic insight into the future of link building.

Link Building: How Long Does It Take To Influence Rankings?

Sticking with the link building theme, we investigate how long it takes for you link building efforts to have an impack on your rankings.

Beginners Guide To Traffic Drop Analysis

Your traffic starts dropping – oh no what is going on? Don’t panic: we have a beginners guide to ensure that panic doesn’t get the better of you.

What is HTTPS?

We break out the hacker lexicon and dive into what HTTPS encryption actually is.

How Does Google Secure Your Analytics Data?

Google Analytics handles a lot of very important data about your website. How does Google go about securing all of that data?


Pay Per Click

Google Finally Starts Redesigning AdWords

Google makes the majority of revenue off of AdWords. It is finally paying attention to its biggest cash cow and giving it a redesign.

How to Write PPC Headlines Like a Boss

Write PPC headlines that get your users to convert. This is no longer amateur hour and the game is serious – write headlines like a boss.

5 Ways PPC Accounts Are Like Toddlers

PPC accounts can be tricky things to manage and sometimes need to be treated like kids. Learn a trick or two about handling toddlers and PPC accounts together!

New Merchant Center Feed Rules helps you submit your product data into Google Shopping feed format

Google shopping feed format is one of those tricky beasts that seems impossible to actually get right, but with updated Merchant Center Feed rules, this will hopefully makes things a little easier.

The State of Paid Search

Where is Pay Per Click advertising at the moment and where is it headed? We have the current state of search.



10 New Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Know

Facebook has become a vital aspect of every marketer’s strategy. Do you know about 10 new features that will improve your marketing?

The Beginners Guide To Chatbots

Chatbots seem to be the new biggest thing. What are they are how do they work? Here is your beginners guide!




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