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This Week In Search: 22-4-2016


Search Engine Optimisation:

Getting Started with Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP pages are here and speed is more important than ever. How the flip do you get started? Well now you know…

Google Officially Kills Toolbar PageRank

Link builders around the world dispair – Google has officially killed the Toolbar PageRank which was the little number out of 10 that many viewed as the be all and end all of SEO, even though the metric hasn’t been regularly updated for a number of years.


Pay Per Click:

The Highest & Lowest Average CTRs in Google AdWords By Industry

This in-depth piece looks at a number of high profile industries and what the average click-through rates are. Some surprising results, but some fantastic insight.

Who Really Suspends Your AdWords Account?

Even been in hot water with Google over your AdWords account? MemeBurn takes a look into who really makes the decision to put your account in the naughty corner.

Remarketing On Facebook – A How To Guide

Facebook advertising isn’t quite as simple as you would think it should be. This guide introduces you to remarketing on Facebook – something that you should definitely be covering!



Getting Back Into WordPress After Getting Hacked

Oh no! Your site has been hacked and now you are scrambling to fix it. This guide shows you some steps on how you can reclaim your WordPress site and get back into the dashboard.

Data Science – Your Most Common Questions Answered

What the flip is a data scientist and how can you use them to uncover valuable insight into your customers thinking?