Big warning for websites that aren't mobile friendly

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You guessed it! It’s time for another Friday Findings where we share the best digital marketing articles from the week that’s passed. Enough time on the introduction, let’s get down to the articles.

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[SEO] Being able to track the links that people click on your website is something that doesn’t come standard with Google Analytics. So, if you’ve got links on your website that point of other websites and you’d like to know if (and how many times) people are clicking on them, take a read of this guide.

[SEO] It’s going on about a year since there was serious talk about whether the speed at which your website loads is important for SEO. With most people on the Internet using WordPress these days we felt it would be fitting to share this article which dives into the importance around site speed and SEO.

[SEO] Let’s stick on the topic of speed for a second, how about these 11 ways to accelerate the load speed of your website.

[PPC] Our director, Christopher, has a new child so we felt this article may be perfectly fitted, “5 Ways PPC Accounts Are Like Toddlers” 😉

[eCommerce] Scarcity is a strategy that works, we experience in the real world all the time and we experience it online, but do we make use of it as much as we should on our websites? This fantastic article looks at 11 ways of creating scarcity on your eCommerce site.

[Marketing] Quora is an incredible resource for any marketer, but so few make use of it. We felt that these 15 tips could get you started!

[Mobile] For website owners who’s website is not mobile friendly, you might get a shock when you search for your site on Google and see it saying “Your page is not mobile-friendly” in the search results. This goes to show just how important a mobile-friendly website is. This is an experiment) by Google, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Read more here.

[Social Media] Still unsure about Snapchat? This article looks at 4 brands that are doing incredibly well and enjoying it!

[Social Media] Ever wanted to have a shop page on your Facebook Page? This tutorial will show you how to go about doing it.

Have a great weekend everyone!