This Week In Search: 1-4-2016

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Introducing Autotrack For Google Analytics

Now this is a particularly nifty little update for Google Analytics and how the javascript tracking code is handled. Yay Google!

USA & Canada SEO Agency Pricing Survey Results

Well this isn’t strictly relevant to our SA market, it is still really interesting to see how things are shaped in North America. I didn’t expect those responses!

Facebook Announces WordPress To Help Create Instant Articles

With Instant Articles becoming available to everyone from April 12, Facebook has created a useful WordPress plugin to help convert your articles to Instant Articles. Will this help with site speed and conversion optimisation?

What Is Google’s RankBrain Algorithm?

Google’s latest update doesnt appear to be as clear cut as previous updates such as Penguin and Panda, which is why this article is so important.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Pulls In The Big Bucks

The new CEO of Google pulled in a cool $100 million in 2015. Not bad hey?

30 Resources To Learn About All Aspects of Marketing

Now this is a brilliant round up of all the best resources to learn about a number of different aspects of marketing. This is one read that has to be bookmarked!



5 Design Secrets From Kids Who Will Replace You

Apart from the very depressing and dramatic title, this article does actually provide some interesting takes on what makes design great.

Perfect Bottom Navigation For Mobile Apps

in 2016, so many developers still don’t understand how to make their apps user-friendly. This article covers some simple, yet vital aspects when designing/developing a mobile app. Read it, bookmark it, and read it often.


21 of the Best AdWords Tutorials

If you are looking to expand your knowledge on PPC then this is only article you will need to open your eyes to the world of Pay Per Click Marketing.

6 Steps To Building An AdWords Account Structure

If you can build a solid account structure within your AdWords campaigns then you have completed have the battle.

Introducing Deeplinking Between Google Analytics & AdWords

Further integration between Google Analytics & AdWords will help you understand how your marketing efforts are performing from a holistic view.

BONUS – Google’s April Fool’s Jokes

A List of All Of Google’s April Fools Jokes

Google always handles April Fools well and does a number of jokes across their various products. This year there was a slight problem however with one of their practical jokes not working out so well for a select few leading to the joke being canned! Our favourite has to be SnoopAVision. Snoop Dogg just seems to make everything cool.