This Week In Search: 18-3-2016

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Friday is here and you know what that means! Yes the weekend is nearly here, but more importantly, your weekly wrap-up of all things digital marketing and search engine optimisation focused is here. We have an extra goodie this week so don’t be shy and read it through 😉


The Most In-demand Digital Marketing Jobs in 2016 In South Africa

Have you ever wondered which are the most sought-after jobs in digital in SA? The Web Growth team has put together same interesting statistics about which titles people are after and what the average salary is for different skill levels, in different locations. Time for a raise?

Introducing The Google Analytics 360 Suite

Aimed at the enterprise level marketer, this new suite from Google is “a set of integrated data and marketing analytics products, designed specifically for the needs of enterprise-class marketers”. Essentially this is Analytics Premium with an expansion and a bit of a rebrand. This also means that it doesn’t come cheap.

AMP Project: Will It Make Your Sites Faster?

Page speed is becoming a really important factor in the battle for web supremecy, and with the launch of Accelerated Mobile Pages, there was much talk about how this would affect your SEO, except is this really the case?

Mobilegeddon 2 Strikes!

Last year April, Google launched their first real attempt to include a mobile focus to the search algorithm by ensuring that sites were mobile-friendly. More searches happen on mobiles than desktop these days, so it only makes sense that your site is easy to view on a smaller screen. Nearly a year later, Google is rolling out what can only be called, “Mobilegeddon 2: The Second Coming”. For those of us that are ready with fully responsive sites, we can sit back and watch everyone else panic.


Facebook Launches Another In-App Game

Are you bored while waiting for your friends to respond in Messenger? While Facebook tried to hide a little easter egg in Messenger with a clunky, practically impossible way to play chess which I doubt any body actually managed to successfully complete a game of. Now they have done things properly and introduced an in-app game of basketball. Can anyone beat my high score of 26? Game on!

A Quick Intro Into Creating WordPress Plugins

This is a beginners guide to creating plugins for WordPress. It tries to break it down and make things less overwhelming. If you break something, don’t blame shoot the messenger!

The Fabulous Life of Google Founder Larry Page

The lifestyle of one of the founder’s of Google has left me speechless. It must be tough being worth $37.5 BILLION. Yep, that is a B.

BONUS Beta Account

Serperture is ready to be put to the test! Serperture is an online tool that allows you to quickly and very easily run an audit on your website and to see which issues might be hindering your site from an SEO perspective. The first five people that request an account for free will get access to our new baby in return for providing us with some feedback on any bugs or issues that you encounter. Simply drop me an email at james@imoddigital dot com and we will make things happen!