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It’s that time again, time for a list of the greatest links that have been shared over the past 7 days in the digital marketing industry. Grab your coffee, kick your feet up and enjoy the reading.

Earlier this week someone asked us what CRM we would recommend. Anyone who’s explored the world of CRM’s knows how many complexities there are and how difficult it is to choose one. Nevertheless, here are some suggestions worth looking into. These options are in no particular order, the most popular one is Hubspot CRM, however it is an expensive option especially for the South African mark.

  1. Zoho
  3. Insightly
  4. Streak
  5. Podio
  6. Nimble
  7. Hubspot
  8. Agile CRM

Let’s get back on track, here are this week’s digital marketing articles:

  • [Content] Do you write blog posts or news articles for your website? You might enjoy reading about these 21 copywriting tips. A long read, but some fantastic insight!
  • [Technical] Search algorithms and the law: This is a really interesting read and as short one on how search algorithms may be breaking the law.
  • [Search] This article looks at how people handle search engine results both on desktop and mobile. A must read for everyone!
  • [Conversion] Ever wondered about those popups that appear when you visit a website and whether they work? Here’s a great article that details a gentleman’s experience with them and how he generated highly qualified leads.
  • [AdWords] As we all know, Google recently removed the adverts on the right hand side of the search results page. If you’re interested in Google’s opinion on this, read here.
  • [Social] With the launch of the new Facebook Like, comes some opportunities for marketers. This article breaks down what us marketers need to know.
  • [Interesting] This is a fantastic resource that shows us how the PayPal founders and alumni are connect to the world’s biggest tech firms.
  • [Social] Seer Interactive looks at how you can successfully advertise your business on Instagram.

That’s it for this week, we hope you enjoy the articles and have a lovely weekend!