iMod Digital: This Week In Search: 29-1-16

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You might notice something a little different about our weekly round up post. While we were very fond of our previous structure, and our clever little allieration in Friday Findings, we decided that our baby needed some changing.

We found that “Friday Findings” wasn’t accurately explaining to the user what our post was about, as well as it also wasn’t providing adaqute direction which meant that each weekly wrap up had different content surrounding vastly different topics within the digital sphere. While we appreciate that some of you loved that, and the feedback we got was great, we knew it was missing something.

Introducing This Week In Search.

“This Week In Search” will replace Friday Findings, and will be a far more targeted weekly wrap up of content that we have read this week. We will cover search related content, namely SEO and PPC specifically, with only one or two bonus links surrounding general digital marketing news. Let’s get the ball rolling shall we?


Technical SEO: Wiring Websites For Organic Search | Smashing Magazine

This piece might not be completely fresh as it was published at the end of November of last year, but I keep seeing it posted and every time I read it, I enjoy it more. It is a great technical piece and while it might be targeted at 2015, I think a lot of the information contained will be highly relevant to the majority of SEO’s within 2016. Bookmark this one!

My Single Best SEO Tip for Improved Web Traffic | Moz

Blimey I enjoyed this piece. Cyrus Shepard has repeatedly put out great content over at Moz over the last five years. In his final piece while working for Moz he talks about something that I feel is vital to how your website performs, but seems to constantly be overlooked – user intent. This article is a great piece on how to actually identify user intent and how landing pages on your site have a mismatch as well as how you can change this.

We Analyzed 1 Million Google Search Results. Here’s What We Learned About SEO

This one is a looooong read, but it is a great analysis of 1 million search results and the correlation they found between SEO tactics and the top position within the SERP’s. There is also a very quick summary at the top of the post for you if you are too swamped to read the entire thing.

Website Grader

This might not be an article, but it is a great new tool that you can use to get a quick and dirty overview of your website. While this isn’t particularly useful for current SEO’s as it doesn’t provide enough depth or sufficient metrics, it is a great start for anyone with their own website who takes an interest with the technical side of their site, and has a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimisation.

10 Predictions for 2016 in SEO & Web Marketing | Moz

Rand Fishkin gives his 10 predection for SEO & Web Marketing in 2016. This is always a good read as it shows where one of the leaders in the SEO world thinks the world is moving towards. He also covers his predictions from the previous year which is always fun to look back on.


33 Retargeting CampaignsYou’ve Never Heard Of Before | Klient Boost
This post is a monster that covers the often misunderstood retargeting campaigns. It provides 33 types of retargeting campaigns that you can use and shows you how you could leverage them for your objectives. It is a long one, but one that should definitely be bookmarked and referred to constantly to ensure that your campaigns are fresh and highly effecient.

The PPC Food Pyramid: A 211 Point PPC Marketing Strategy | Klient Boost

While the title might sound a bit overwhelming, if you are thinking about spending some money through paid channels but you aren’t sure which one is the right one for your business and your objectives, then this is the post for you. This is another one from the guys over at Klient Boost (<3) and showcases how to break down your PPC spend and then lists 72, yes 72, options. Overwhelming for the majority of people? Definitely. A good place to start your research with loads of options to present to the team? Absolutely!

The Complete Resource to Understanding Facebook Ads Cost | AdEspresso

Facebook Ads: they still seem to have some mystery about them, even with Facebook reporting a 4th quater profit of $1.56 Billion largely thanks to their mobile advertising. This question was one that stuck with me for a while – just how much does it cost to advertise effectively on Facebook? Well, after reading this post, this won’t be a question that you will be asking any longer.

Google Is Now Showing 4 PPC Ads Above The Fold Instead of 3

Once again Google throws the norm out of the window and does some sneaky testing to some users sending the world into a spin. This time it’s no different as in some cases they have been showing 4 PPC ads above the fold instead of the long-time standard of only 3. Shock and horror for SEO’s all around the world.


Learn Responsive Web Design: 6 Day Email Course

This little email course only lasts 6 days and gives you a brief intro into how responsive design works. Not only does it explain how it works in theory, but it exposes you to some of the practical technical elements to peak your interest just enough to get you digging through a fantastic collection of further reading. Don’t worry, the lessons are quick and the entire course took me maybe an hour or two.