Our Favourite Christmas Inspired Adverts Of The Season

By the Editor In Thunder Thursday No comments

With Christmas less than a month away we feel that it is about time to start getting in the festive spirit. In order to help you accomplish this we have listed some of our favourite Christmas adverts and campaigns of the season.

  • Sainsbury – Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert aims to show us that Christmas is all about sharing. In this fantastic and hilarious commercial you watch Mog (the family cat) mess up Christmas as well as the family’s house through a series of freak accidents. The cat is then commended by the fireman for saving the day. You then watch with sadness as the family see how their home is destroyed after the fire. That sadness is quickly put to rest as the neighbours all show up to give them a happy Christmas. Check it out for yourself below.

  • Sky Movie’s Christmas Advert

In this advert you watch as Rosie finds a unique way of getting rid of her Brussel sprouts this Christmas. She travels through various films such as Cinderella, Big Hero 6 and Avengers to drop a Brussel sprout or 2.

The advert aims to encourage you to ‘step into the adventure this Christmas’. Ian Lewis, Director at Sky Movies said “We hope the advert reminds viewers of the magic of movies and the family adventures available to watch on Sky Movies this Christmas.”

  •  John Lewis – Man On The Moon

This inspiring ad features a 6 year old girl called Lucy who aims to communicate with the man on the moon whom she spotted through her telescope. She tries lots of different ways to send him a message but nothing works. When Christmas day arrives everything changes for Lucy as the old man receives a special gift of his own. Check out the video to see the awe inspiring advert for yourself.

Aldi then cleverly capitalize on John Lewis’s Man on the Moon commercial by creating a sort of follow up tongue in cheek parody of the advert. Where they feature an old man sitting on the moon with two telescopes, one from John Lewis and a cheaper alternative from Aldi. As he glances through the telescope from Aldi the camera zooms to his eye and he gasps: “But I’m over the moon with this one”. He then takes a step back and you catch a glimpse of an armchair tied with helium balloons and granny Jean, who starred in previous adverts for Aldi, come into view.

Aldi have also since gone on to release a fantastic rendition of the classic My Favourite things that you can watch here.

With all these and so many more fantastic Christmas adverts coming out so far it is no wonder that we are slowly warming up to the fact that December is here and Christmas is just around the corner.