Preparing for Google's next Penguin Update

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It’s almost a month since, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, Gary Illyes confirmed that we should expect a Penguin update before the end of 2015. Just to refresh your memory, Google’s Penguin updates deal with links, so if your website was penalised last year December and you’ve done a good job at cleaning up spammy links then you might be in for a pleasant surprise in the next month or so.

Google Penguin Update

If over the past year you’ve bought links, traded links or done anything unethical to acquire links to your website you might want to think about doing a quick clean up before you stand the chance of getting penalised and experiencing a year of problems!

Here are the things you should look out for when analysing your links:

  1. Vary the anchor text you’re receiving from external websites.
  2. Ensure that there aren’t any sudden spikes in your referral links from strange sources.
  3. Do not just disavow links, a manual removal is the best policy.
  4. Create a strong internal link flow on your website with preference to important pages.

Here are some tools to assist you with the task of analysing your links:

  1. Link Research Tools
  2. Check My Links
  3. Screaming Frog
  4. SERP Volatility Index

You do not want to start 2016 with a website that has been penalised because you were lazy or sneaky about getting links to your website. Analyse your link profile carefully and get on top of things before it’s too late.