Xbox Launch New Tomb Raider Game By Creating A Survival Billboard

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In order to launch the new Tomb Raider game Microsoft’s Xbox challenged 8 Tomb Raider fans to stand on a billboard in London. Contestants were then forced to face extreme weather conditions until there was only one man left standing. The final contestants were chosen from thousands of applicants who were willing to stand on a billboard for up to 24 hours.

Survival Billboard - Xbox Tomb Raider Launch promotion

The entire stunt was then live streamed on a micro-site. Viewers of the live stream, were tasked with choosing the weather conditions that the participants had to endure by voting through the micro-site. Contestants were then subject to freezing snowstorms, heavy rain, strong wind conditions and even intense heat. The challenge took place on the 12th of November and although no one lasted as long as the full 24 hours, the winner managed to remain on the  billboard for 20 hours and 45 minutes.

Adam Carr has been named the winner of the challenge. It is a little unclear as to what he has actually won but Microsoft have promised him a “A trip inspired by Tomb Raider, with the opportunity to explore deep jungles, traverse vast deserts and relax in some of the world’s most exotic places.” Adam has stated that he prepared for the challenge by running and squatting.

Adam Carr's winning moment on the survival billboard

The 28 year old winner exhaustedly managed to repeatedly shout out “Are you not entertained?” with a smile on his face.

Check out the full stream here to witness some of the intense moments the contestants had to endure. Don’t forget that this was done in winter in London so it was probably pretty cold before they even started throwing the rain and snow at the contestants. Fast forward to 2 hours and 19 to see the hardcore rain start and  4 hours 20 minutes to watch the snow storm hit the contestants.