The social media tools that professionals use

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Every now and then it’s really useful to see what tools professionals are using, it widens our toolkit and introduces us to tools that can perform on the large scale. In this weeks Teaching Tuesday we’re going to look at a few great tools.

Rival IQ is a piece of software that allows you to track your competitors and compare your statistics against theirs. There are quite a few great features that come with Rival IQ so it’s worth spending some time investigating. One such feature that is really useful is that you may receive an alert if a competitor changes their profile information on one of their social accounts. As you can imagine, this software really does put you in control of what’s happening around you. The software is expensive though, but really powerful.

If you’re someone who writes ever green content on your blog then the Revive Old Post plugin for WordPress will be right up your alley. In short, you install the plugin and the plugin will randomly fetch old blog posts on your site and send them out to your Twitter account. It’s important that you’re writing evergreen content though because you need the content to be timeless or you will annoy your follows.

Pablo 2.0 is an application that allows you to quickly and easily create social media images in just a few seconds. Whilst you create an image, choose your social media platform to ensure that the image size is optimal for the social network in question. What’s really cool is that it’s a free application and the images you create are not branded at all.

We hope that these three tools will be useful and that you’ll include them in your toolkit.