#HelloChallenge Takes Twitter By Storm

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The internet – the place where a joke can catch on like wildfire and spread across not only a city or country, but the world literally overnight.

The latest craze called the #HelloChallenge stems from Adele’s latest hit single called “Hello”.

Dam that is a catchy song. Not only has it racked in over 320 million views in the two weeks since its release on October 22 2015, but it has now spawned the #HelloChallenge where you message your ex one line of the lyrics at a time in probably one of the greatest trolls of 2015. This exploded on Tuesday night with only roughly 100 tweets appearing during the course of Monday & Tuesday, but a further 450 over Tuesday night, and already a further 300 already on Wednesday morning by 11am.

This appears to be the first prankster to try the #HelloChallenge in its current form.


While it didn’t start in English, or South Africa, this has definitely caught on in South Africa and seems to be a local trend, well for now at least. Surprisingly, it isn’t trending on Twitter yet, but Trendsmap South Africa picked it up within two hours.

Here are some of my favourites:

Then Roger Goode got involved…

But my absolute favouite:

Is this the first South African tweet that uses the #HelloChallenge hashtag?

But it seems only really took off after @_Queen_Fifi started to spread it like wildfire.

Apparently not everyone is falling for it…