Our Favourite Halloween Inspired Campaigns

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I hope you are all stoked up on treats as this Saturday is Halloween. For those of you with kids I am sure that by now you have sorted out those costumes, if not then there is no time like now. In light of the fact that Halloween is just around the corner we though we would share with you some of our favourite Halloween inspired campaigns.

Tesco – Introducing The Spookermarket

This year Tesco decided to transform one of it’s stores into the ultimate Spookermarket. Unsuspecting shoppers were ambushed by ghostly shopping carts that moved around on their own, severed hands in frozen foods and deli workers with scary clown make-up. Watch the video below to check out some seriously startled customers.

Viewers are also encouraged to watch the four supporting videos that show users how to recreate some of the novelties at home. You can learn how to paint a creepy clown face, make a horrible head in a jar, make a chilling severed hand and how to make a petrifying pumpkin.

Monster Cereals – Mosters Are Alive

Monster Cereals have partnered with Blippar to help bring Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry to life through augmented reality. In order to unearth the Monsters content all you have to do is download the Blippar application on your smartphone. Once the application has been downloaded all you need to do is open it on your smartphone and hold your phone in front of the specially-marked boxes of Monster Cereals. Both the front and back of the boxes displays a different augmented reality experience.
Emily Daigle, associate marketing manager says “The interactive experience on the back of the box will enable our Monsters fans to travel back in time and get a glimpse into what Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry have been up to over the years”

Target – The Virtual Reality Haunted Mansion

Target have released an awesome 360 degree Halloween adventure with their creation of “The House On Hallow Hill“. YouTube users encouraged to use their smartphone to explore the various cobwebbed rooms of the mansion by tilting and angling your smartphones screen like a lens. The series allows you to choose between 6 different adventure rooms where you can discover zombie dinner parties, scary carnivals and so much more. Each room has it’s own theme such as “The Ghoulish Graveyard,” The Candy Carnival,” “Dinner with Ghosts” or “Day of the Dead.”

Each scene cleverly allows you to stop and buy objects from the scene at just the click of the button. The video is the first ever “choose your own adventure” 360 experience on YouTube.

Target – Treatster Allows You To Map “Treat” Spots

Target have also rolled out Treatster this year. Treatster is a social network that is designed to help you map out your trick or treating route by listing the must visit houses on the block. This includes the houses that have the spookiest decorations, funkiest costumes and even the best candy. Treatster allows you to add houses to the map or even up vote epic houses by tagging the location as a “Treat” on the map. The more “Treats” a house has the larger the pumpkin will become.

Targets Treatster Awesome Halloween Campaign 2015Pizza Hut – How To Win At Halloween

Pizza Hut have created a Halloween-themed video that aims to show people how they can “Win At Halloween”. The video is a mash up of new and viral footage from various pranks and Halloween experiences, the video is cheekily narrated with various tips on how to win at Halloween. Tips such as give away full size candy bars or get creative with costumes are given. Of course they suggest that one gives away pizza in order to become the ultimate Hallowinner.

mmm that would be one tasty trick or treat experience.

This year we found that there were less Halloween campaigns than usual and that the one’s that were created lacked the scare factor. We would have liked to see more campaigns like the Haunted Open House Prank that Trulia did last year or the Snickers Halloween Grocery Store Lady  and IKEA’s The Shining campaign.