Meme Monday: Drake's Dance Moves In Hotline Bling

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Apparently the world doesn’t seem to agree with me about the quality of Drake’s dance move in his latest music video for Hotline Bling.

Come on – those dance moves are finally the validation that I have crazed about my dance style since I barely old enough to walk. Without this music video, I would simply be the weird guy with little to no rhythm on the dance floor making myself look like an absolute idiot. Until now, I was filled with dread that I would never be able to own some great dance moves similar to that of Peter Crouch aka the robot, but now, it all seems to be falling together like a beautiful puzzle, or so I thought. Apparently not.

There is even the Twitter account @DrakeDancingTo. Brilliant banter.

Probably our favourite in the office:


Here is a compilation video of some of the best Vines.