Friday Findings: Bing opens up Remarketing

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Friday is here and that means your weekly round up of some of the best articles from around the web relating to all things digital. Our Friday Finding posts are generally a broad, very eclectic mix of topics covering a wide spectrum of pieces that encompass the digital realm. The weather’s amazing here in Cape Town so we don’t expect you to read all these articles – get outside and enjoy it!

[Paid] We’re so used to thinking of Google when someone says remarketing, but Bing have just announced that they’re also providing remarketing tools and with it being brand new, it presents us all with a huge opportunity to capitalise before the masses do.

[Branding]:  Asana recently rebranded and wrote a brilliant article on the process and story behind the decisions they made during the entire period of planning. This post is a great example of what goes into rebranding and the sheer depth that needs to be taken into account.

[SEO]  We wouldn’t be a great Digital Marketing Agency if we didn’t include one technical article surrounding SEO and the latest Google Updates. Knowing what Google is doing is a sure way to stay ahead.

[Design] Carson Ward wrote an article this week on how to approach the responsive design process for your website and brand. With mobile being so incredibly important, this is a topic worth reading.

[PPC] What are the most expensive keywords? This infographic breaks this down for us. Yes, yes, we published this before 😉

[Design] Product Hunt is one of our favourite sites to follow at the moment, and we found a great collection of “hunts” of Design Tools For Beginners.

[Analytics] Here are 6 Google Analytics tips that site owners should be familiar with. Don’t forget to read our Teaching Tuesday posts where we often deal with tips and tricks to do with Google Analytics.

[Content] Here are 10 tips on how to effectively combine your content efforts with your SEO to further boost your results. Content is hot right now, learning something new today from this post.

Happy weekend to everyone!