How to find journalists to help with your marketing

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Coming up with an idea is easy, executing it is difficult. Building something is easy, getting it out there is difficult. These are two things that ring very true with anyone who’s tried to launch a company or a SaaS product. Time and time again we meet with startups who have a great idea, the idea’s been built and now it’s sitting there with only a few users. The reality is that without users your idea / business is effectively useless, but how do you get those users?

There are many ways, from Search Engine Optimisation to Search Engine Marketing and a whole myriad of different inbound marketing options, but sometimes the most powerful ways is to reach out to journalists, bloggers and the likes to hopefully get featured on a website that has a strong audience. This is where Just Reach Out comes into play, a really useful online software solution to find journalists.

Just Reach Out

The website is incredibly easy to use, type in what you’re trying to market and the site will show you a list of journalists who have written about said topic. So for example, let’s say we have a start up that has built a mobile application and we want to find out which journalists write about mobile applications. We simply type in “mobile applications” (you can refine things and we recommend it) and a list of the journalists are shown a few seconds later:

Mobile Application Journalist Results


We’re hoping that they’ll add some more filters to the software so that you could potentially refine a search via country or possibly even via the type of website. These will no doubt come as the application gets more and more popular, but right now it’s just very straight forward and really useful so we wanted to share this for this week’s Teaching Tuesday.