11 Awesome extensions for Marketers

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If you’re a marketer, or even better a digital marketer, you’ll no doubt have a few Google Chrome Extensions that you use on a daily basis. Although extensions have a tendency to slow Chrome down there are still some that we cannot live without.

Chrome Extensions for Marketers

Today we’re going to share 11 awesome extensions with you:

  1. Block Yourself From Analytics – This plugin prevents you from skewing your Analytics data when you need to continually revisit something you’ve launched on your own website.
  2. Page Analytics – Want to see where people coming to your website are clicking then this extension is for you. The extension isn’t limited to only this, there are a bundle of other useful bits and pieces in the mix.
  3. Grammarly – Write articles, post to social networks and know that what you’re going to be publishing will read fluently.
  4. Buildwith – Certainly one of our favourite extensions, know what technology is being used on a website with a single click of the mouse. We used the BuildWith website for a long time until the extension hit the market.
  5. CSSViewer – If you’re interested in picking some CSS from a website then CSSViewer will allow you to do exactly this. Speed up your development with this great extension.
  6. Window Resizer – If you want to quickly see how a website renders on different browser and screen resolutions then add this useful extension to your library.
  7. Form Filler – How many times have you been in a situation where you need to test a form on a website? If you’re like us you’ll know how much of a pain and time waste this is. With Form Filler, the process will be sped up!
  8. Rapportive – Interested in more details about a person who has emailed you? Add Rapportive to Chrome and when you receive an email you’ll see extra information about the sender. This is a really useful extension.
  9. Boomerang for Gmail – Another one of our favourite extensions, queue emails for the future and resend them if you don’t get a response.
  10. FindThatLead – This extension performs one specific task, it helps you find the email address of someone on LinkedIn.
  11. RiteTag – RiteTag will assist you in knowing what hashtag to use when you want to use a hashtag.

We hope that these extensions help you with your marketing and productivity. If you know of a great marketing plugin, please leave us a comment in the comments below and we’ll include it in the article above.