Monitoring your website's uptime

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When it comes to SEO, Google have been vocal about the fact that a website needs to be as fast as possible and that it should be kept online as much as possible. A website that is slow or goes offline a lot will result in possible ranking decreases and/or traffic drops. Website speed and load times is a whole discussion on its own but today we want to tell you about a new service we’ve launched that will notify you when your website goes offline (and when it comes online again).

Alert Alfred came to life when we realised that we needed a service that would let us know when the website’s we manage go offline. There are other services, of which we were using one but it was complicated and didn’t work exactly how we wanted it to. So we wrote down all the positives and negatives and set out to build our own version. The name Alert Alfred came from a combination of “alert”, being the notification and “alfred” being the name of the butler who looks after you. So each time your website goes offline, Alfred sends you an Alert to notify you so that you can do something about it.

Alert Alfred Home Page

Now, because Alfred’s a friendly chap who puts your wellbeing in front of everything else, we also baked in a section that allows you to see how your website is doing in terms of monthly visitors. In other words, when you create an account and log into it, you can connect your Google Analytics account and view your statistics right there in your account!

Alert Alfred Google Analyticsa


The best part is that the service is absolutely free to sign up for and use up to 10 websites. So you can keep track of 10 websites for no cost at all!

Give Alert Alfred a go by clicking here.