Friday Findings: Popular or hand picked?

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In this week’s Friday Findings we’ve split things up into two sections. The first three articles are chosen based on how many times they’ve been shared on the Internet and the next set of links are hand picked by us like we usually do. See, we want to determine which sorts of links you all enjoy and what format suits you best so please bare with us whilst we do some testing.

Here are the highly shared links:

  1. Why is Google restructuring?
  2. Is Online Marketing gender diverse?
  3. Does a startup really need a .com?

The following links are hand picked:

  1. Google’s secret interview process.
  2. Which SEO toolbars are you using and why?
  3. Get more people to take action on your product page!
  4. Using Periscope for your business.
  5. Effectively publishing on LinkedIn.
  6. The robots.txt low down.
  7. Increasing leads in a niche industry.

We hope you enjoy all the articles and look forward to seeing which ones!