Meme Monday: What Font Do Memes Use?

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Have you ever wondered what makes a meme so recognizable instantly? There are numerous images or snapshots that are instantly recognizable, and straight away you realize that there is a level of humour behind the image.

How does that magic happen? Well simply, it is down to the consistent font used across all of our lovely memes that bring us so much joy.

Recently Vox traced the history of the font and it looks like it was first used in 1965 Geoff Lee, who I shall name the father of the Meme. Ok, maybe that is a bit drastic since we first designed the font using hand-cut metal.  Impact became one of the “core fonts for the web” when Microsoft licensed it from Monotype, in a standard font pack that would work across the Internet. Since then, ‘Impact’ has become the default font for the meme, existing on computers across the web. So much so that we expect memes to look a certain way, with the font being an important element.

Yes Suzelle – it is.