The Automotive Industry Is Taking Advertising to the Next Level

By the Editor In Thought, Thunder Thursday No comments

Over the past few months we have slowly started to notice the rise in car adverts, like every other industry, automobile manufacturers rely heavily on their marketing efforts but somewhere along the line car adverts took a huge leap forward and progressed from just purely advertising cars to advertising the lifestyles and experiences that are associated with the car you drive. For example in the advert below Land Rover aren’t focusing solely on marketing the new features, they are also marketing peoples adventures that take place within the Land Rover.

Land Rover isn’t the only car company to release a truly unique piece of advertising content. Volkswagen recently released a campaign that allows you to create a film with your voice and Toyota has taken car safety to the next level by creating a radio advert that turns off your phone while you are diving.

We weren’t at all surprised to see car companies push their marketing efforts in an attempt to combat the unevenness of vehicle sales that spreads throughout the global market. As this unevenness, and ultimately the decline in sales, is causing intense competition amongst car manufactures and is thus encouraging car companies to up their marketing games in order to help encourage car sales. According to NAAMSA (National Association of Automobile Manufacturers South Africa) new car sales in June 2015 had registered the largest year to date monthly decline in 2015.

But does all this marketing really make you want to go out and buy the new Land Rover or Volkswagen? And in a couple of years, read as weeks, days or even minute’s time will you even remember half of these campaigns? We’d love to know your thoughts!