Google Analytics spam referral fix coming soon!

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For those of you who make use of Google Analytics on a regular basis, you’ll have more than likely stumbled across all the complaints about referral spam. This referral spam is damaging the integrity of statistics in our reports and although some fixes have been publish, it’s really something Google needs to address. And guess what, that’s exactly what Google will be doing.

Mozcon is well underway and during a talk by Adam Singer from Google Analytics, he has confirmed that they’ve identified the problem and are now going to work on a solution. This is really exciting and although we’ve put measures in place already to ensure that we deliver reports with accurate numbers, it will be good to have a proper solution that is permanent in Google Analytics.

What we enjoyed hearing the most is that the solution they implement will ensure that all future referral spam is excluded from traffic, so this isn’t a retro-fitting solution, it’s a proper forward thinking one.