Friday Findings: Quite a bit on Search

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It’s that time of the week again, we’ve searched the web for the hottest digital marketing articles and they’re beautifully laid out for you right below:

[SEO] With all the changes in the mobile search space, people are quickly ensuring that their websites are ‘mobile-friendly’, but this isn’t enough. Simply making sure that your website passes the Google test will never be enough to trump your competitors. Al Gomez has published a good article that explores steps that need to be taken over and above just making sure your website is ‘mobile-friendly’.

[SEO] Another topic that has floated around a great deal is whether https is a ranking factor and what happens when we convert to https. How many people are using the meta referrer tag? In our opinion, not too many! If you’re using https or want to start using https and don’t want to experience problems then you should be having a read over this article.

[eCommerce] It’s not surprise that eCommerce as a means to do business is becoming more and more popular, but people are forgetting some fundamental aspects to it. How to handle eCommerce, what software to use and removing the friction from the checkout process are all topics that should be right in mind if you want a successful online business. Read more.

[Conversion] So you’re getting a good amount of traffic to your website, but the traffic isn’t converting? It’s probably a good time to start looking at the user experience and to be exploring A/B testing. Here are 11 things that work most of the time for A/B testing.

[Outreach] If you’re launching a new product or need to get people interested in your product then outreach prospecting is an incredibly important part of the success thereof. Entrepreneurship blogger, David Schneider has published an article about how they got a 60% success rate from their prospects.

[Awareness] Have you ever created an incredible piece of content only to find that not enough people are seeing it? It’s happened to all of us, but those of us who have learnt from our mistakes are aware that there are ways to get this content into the right hands through social media. Here are 7 ways to repurpose your content for social media.

[SEO] Autocomplete is one of the most magical tools available on the Internet. Finding inspiration for content creation becomes far easier once you’ve played with autocomplete, especially on Google. If you’re interested in this, click here and have a read about the full process of how you can go about using autocomplete to increase your traffic and ranking results in just a few hours.

[SEO] Once you’ve launched a new website or need Google to re-index your website, there can be quite a wait. That is unless you know how to go about getting your website indexed or re-indexed. Knowing this can speed things tremendously! Good news, you can learn how here.

[Design] Something for the designers here, innovative techniques and examples of engaging web and mobile designs. Click here!

[Social] Do you want to know what your competitors are doing quickly and easily? This article on Social Media Examiner explores ways to easily analyse what your competitors are doing.

Have a great weekend everyone!