5 Ways to keep your Twitter account squeaky clean

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When last did you take the time to clean up your Twitter account? If you’re like most people you’ll probably be reading this thinking, “I’ve never done that”. Perhaps it’s time to do exactly this. Social media accounts are like Windows computers, they collect rubbish along the way and sometimes need a thorough clean.


If you’re a fan of lists (as we are) then now might be the time to have a look through your lists to refine them. To access your lists you need to log into Twitter and then click through to Lists under your profile. Here you’ll be able to select your list and then see all the users who appear in said list. We use a number of lists, but one list that is very popular is “Daily” – This list follows accounts that we want to hear from but don’t necessarily want to follow. This list becomes outdated and a good clean up removes the clutter and brings back the purpose of the list.


Tweepdash is a useful and free web application that provides you with 3 useful insights:

  1. People you follow who don’t follow you back,
  2. People who follow you and you don’t follow them back, and
  3. People who you follow and they follow you back.

With this application you can authorise it to access your account (don’t worry, it doesn’t send tweets through your account) and then see the various people who fit the three insights above. This is really useful if you want to reduce the number of people who are following you or follow some people who are already following you.


UnTweeps is another useful web app that has a number of features, but the most useful feature shows you which accounts you follow that are inactive. This is a great way to clear out some clutter. You need to authenticate yourself on the website via Twitter (don’t worry, it doesn’t send tweets through your account) and then you choose to list the people who follow who haven’t tweeted in X number of days. We generally think that if someone hasn’t tweeted in 3 months that they’re not worth following but you can certainly narrow things down depending on how fresh you like Twitter to be. What’s really useful is that all you need to do is put a checkmark next to the accounts you want to unfollow and click one button and they’re unfollowed.


When last did you check which applications had access to your account? It’s a really good idea to limit access as much as possible to avoid problems so it’s time to look through the list of authorised applications. Log into your Twitter account, click on your profile photograph at the top right, select Settings and then clicks on “Apps” on the left. Carefully look through this list and revoke access where necessary.


There are several tools that you can use to find possible fake followers:

  1. Fakers App
  2. Fakefollowers
  3. TwitterAudit

Each of these tools will assist you in finding fake accounts that you can block, along with some additional features. It’s worth playing around with them to see what insight they offer.

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